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When God Says It Is Finished (A Short Story)

Our story begins with a plot

Of a God who spoke a word and the Heavens and earth formed,

With one single breath, He brings man to life,

And just in a split second, 

Man is tempted by the thief, hiding behind leaves,

Separated from God, Man comes to a fall, 

And our story takes a different turn.

God’s master plan is revealed in His only son,

Whom He gives up, risking it all,

In order to reconcile all.

All who have wandered, all who have strayed.

All like Adam and Eve are hiding behind leaves,

Buried in shame, filled with grief.

And so the Son went up the cross and said it is finished!

Hell heard this and started a party 

But little did they know they were only pawns in God’s own story.

That when Jesus said it is finished,

He was saying a new life has begun.

The curtains that set man apart from God, have been torn.

Slaves to become friends, Sinners made heirs.

The seed that fell to the ground now reaps a harvest.

The Harvest? Your soul and mine, with the Father, reconciled.

And so I invite you to hear these words again

“It is finished,” and remember the sacrifice.

Remember the Fall only the blood of Christ could redeem,

Remember His love that fought back death and gave us life,

Remember this utterance so profound,

A declaration that our freedom has been found.

When you face battles and trials each day,

You can boldly declare that Jesus paved the way.

Our victory is secure, we have a hope that is sure.

Remember, that because of Jesus it is finished.

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