about us

about us

Sycamore Church exists to create an elevation, in all simplicity, for you to see Jesus, discover his purposes to life and be empowered to live it out.

Somewhere beyond the crowds of religion and a valueless, anti-God culture of our day; somewhere beyond all the hustling and bustling and pressures we deal with, we believe that Jesus wants to be clearly seen and known.

We believe that Jesus is God’s ultimate answer to every question of humanity in every age.

Sycamore Church, as a community of faith, is intricately connected to the universal Church of Jesus, spanning all generations and geographies.

We believe that Jesus loves all people and so we exist to be a place of acceptance, belonging, purpose, preparation and ministry for both the likely and unlikely. You should always expect to meet all kinds and cadres of people at our church.

We live off encounters with Jesus. Real people find real help and are constantly changed, empowered and graced with the privilege of a right perspective to life by the working of God’s Spirit.

More than just an experience when we gather, our Church is constantly longing to empower people to live that experience in our community and in the world.


Every mask off! No performances. We constantly strive to give God, ourselves and our community the gift of sincerity

We do all we do because we love God, we love people and we love the Church. Otherwise, we don’t do it!

We believe we’re a part of something bigger than us, and we strive to always live and serve with that consciousness.

Excellence is not a performance. It’s a heart that constantly wants to give our best, and we appreciate that what is our best is relative per time

We place great value on God, on the Church, on leaders and on all people, and strive to treat all with a great sense of worth.

Our Pastors

Pastor Tolulope Moody serves as founding and lead pastor of Sycamore Church, Ibadan, Nigeria and as President of Tolulope Moody Ministries.

As pastor, conference speaker, writer and mentor, his overwhelming passion is to help people encounter Jesus and thrive in His purpose for their lives.

He is husband to Adebola, and together they parent Jesuf’orebomi Shawna and Mosas’oreJesu Jentezen