Three Simple Ways To Become More Valuable This Week

Three Simple Ways To Become More Valuable This Week

I can bet that you would love to be a valuable person in your world. 

Whether it’s with a team at work or with school; whether it’s as a business owner or as a customer, as an employee or employer, or even in my neighbourhood- I want to bring positive value to the table in my world this week.

I don’t want to be that team member that is a prayer point for every other team member- or well, let’s say, I want to be a prayer of thanksgiving, not constantly a prayer of intercession or petition.

‘Lord, I command this mountain to be removed and thrown into the sea…’
‘Lord, you promised that you can turn the hearts of Kings like the water…’

Thinking about my key relationships too, I want to add value in my relationship with my family and friends, mentors and proteges this week.

Here are three top things I want to be super-conscious of this week:

  1. Being THERE

I want to give my world the gift of my presence this week. Like I want to actually be there.  I don’t want to be absent in my presence.  

When I sit with my spouse or my kids, my friends or my colleagues, I want to be there. I want my presence to be felt and not just counted. 

Knowing our tendency to drift, we must all learn and stay reminded of the power of being there!  Wherever there is, be there! 

When I’m eating, I want to be there; when I’m texting, I want to be there; when I’m conversing, I want to be there.

Be generous with your presence. Be available. Be there early. Be there faithfully and fully.  Valuable people are people that are on ground. How do you become a valuable person to your team this week? Be there with them, through every season. How will you be valuable to your life group? Be there.  Be there fully.

Not barely present, but fully present. 

How do you attend a meeting and not have anything to say? It’s criminal! Most likely means you weren’t there. If you were, you should have an opinion, or a question, or a kickback, or highlight something, or so. But for your absence to be felt when you are physically present means we could have as well had your absence. 

Be in conversations. Be more conscious in the giving of your attention. Be in moments. Don’t be passive, waiting for times to pass. Be all in there! I try to give every moment the gift of my presence. That’s really tough sometimes, but I strive towards that.


A valuable person is a thoughtful person. Be conscious this week not to just be a person who receives instructions and transfers information.  

Be a thoughtful person that actually processes things.
Don’t just hear things, actually listen.
Dont just see things, actually observe.

Think through possibilities. Imagine opportunities. Be attentive to process the things that you hear. Think of how things can be done more effectively. Think of how things can improve. Bring ideas to the table – whether they are accepted or not.  Think of how you can be more productive.

Be thoughtful- I mean, be full of thoughts! Being a person of value is not so much being super intelligent as it is being there and being thoughtful.  Everybody can win on this. 

It is destructive and appalling to be around people who never demonstrate an attention to what’s on ground at a level of thoughtfulness.

  1. Being  THOROUGH

People of value understand that life boils down to the details. A valuable person is a thorough person.

Make the choice this week to incline towards being thorough in your approach, and not just surface. Don’t let life and all that’s happening pass over your head because you’re shallow. When you listen, listen thoroughly, don’t merely spend the listening time preparing an answer. When you speak, speak deliberately. Dress appropriately. Relate with people with honor and decently. Lay your bed in the morning before leaving home. Work towards a thorough and complete life. Don’t send out mails or texts that are full of errors and annoying abbreviations- it speaks a lot about who you are.  

Pay attention to details. Refuse to be a surface do-things-anyhow Christian.

Have the best week, fam. May the Lord prosper His purpose in you this week!

Tolulope Moody


  1. Olusola Aleru

    This is really helpful. Being fully present not whiling away time, giving utmost attention to details-winning on thoughtfulness and being thorough in my approach to things. Wow. My week is off to the best start. Thank you sir for this empowering gift !

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