The Power Of A Yes-The Heart Behind The Song ‘You Have My Yes’

The Power Of A Yes-The Heart Behind The Song ‘You Have My Yes’

You Have My yes

I woke up one morning to find a very complete song (two verses, two different pre-choruses, even two different bridges and a chorus) all forwarded to me before 4 am. Somewhere in the middle of the night, ‘pops’ (that’s what I call Pastor Tolu) had stayed awake, working on these lyrics (and I’m wondering why it couldn’t wait till the next morning?)

But on the flip side actually, about two weeks before then, right after a Sycamore Surge Prayer Hangout that we had, I stayed over four hours working on a song (not as complete, but pretty complete in itself) based on the prayers that night and sent it to pops at past midnight… (like couldn’t it wait till the next day, Loni?).

So It was the melody of this “past-midnight” song that Pops extracted and worked on to send the “4 am” complete song about yeses and yieldings.

It’s funny, but I don’t know why we both felt an urgency to send the melody or the lyrics at those odd timings, but looking back I’m beginning to see that there is a sweet blessedness to saying yes to those seemingly simple or not-so-simple nudgings on our hearts, especially when they come with an urgency. We never really know the extent of what God has in mind or is working out!

I had completely forgotten about the melody I sent to pops by the time he was sending me lyrics. Chances are that if we did not work on those fragments of the song in those “odd hour” nudging moments, a ‘message’ from God may have slipped and we could have silenced or missed on a sound of heaven.

But my top lesson from this is about how God blesses my effort when I’m faithful with a nudging He puts on my heart.

And that really is what the song is all about!

It’s about Mary, called to birth more than just a baby, but “th’eternal plan of God” at an odd/unusual time in her life. But thank God that when she got the nudging, she said Yes!

And it’s about Jesus Himself- in that garden, on that decisive night, fighting a battle He wasn’t going to win so that God’s ultimate plan and purpose could win. He was a Carpenter, laying down his carpentry prospects to die on a carpentry product. He was going to drink of a cup His will rejected. At 33 years of age, it was definitely an odd time to die. But thank God that when he got the nudging, He said Yes!

And as we began to work the song with the team, I thought about the story of our Sycamore Worship team, and some of the difficult and inconvenient times we’ve had to walk through recently:  three members of the team getting wedded in three months and all the tough planning that involves, through times of bodily sickness and weakness, difficult times in personal lives, tight secular schedules and all sorts of odd, odd things… but I’m grateful and blessed to serve with an amazing group of people who keep saying Yes to God over and over again!

We say it a lot in our church about how God greatly blesses the faithfulness of every day, ordinary people who just say yes to Him!

And that implicates every one of us!

It will make a beautiful contemporary picture if you imagine Jesus going down on one knee asking that you become His bride. Maybe this is not just a one-off thing we encounter with him, maybe it’s also in the everyday choices that we make. Saying yes to Him is choosing to trust in Him, to lay down our burdens and stop our striving; to lay down our dreams and see their smallness compared to His. Saying yes to Him is sometimes through ‘cup, cross or crown’. Saying yes to Him is listening to that nudging and stepping out in faith to do what he has called you to do.

My prayer is that your answer will be ‘Yes’ every day!

We will never know the extent to which God will use our yieldedness in His beautiful story!

So my initial issue with this song was that I thought it needed to be slow so that I can cry and sulk my ‘Yes’ properly (lol)…but pops really thought that it be celebratory, and then I started to see reason:

If I’m ever on my knees asking a lady to marry me, with the ring box open in my hand… Yes, she can cry if she wants, but I’d want that dominant emotion of joy and celebration, not some sulking in resignation.

And if you’re that kind of sulking-over-your-yes spouse, the song has a prayer for you:

“Lord send revival!  
A passion for Jesus!
Break free our hold backs,
All for you!
Life isn’t worth it, if it’s not poured out all for you”

In sharing this song with you, our hope and prayer is that you’ll say ‘Yes’ to Jesus with great joy and rejoicing, and absolutely NO regrets!

Oluwaloni Familoni

You Have My Yes!
© Sycamore Worship, 2020
Words and Music: Tolulope Moody & Oluwaloni Familoni
Produced by Victor Agun for Lift Music
Official Release Date: Sunday, 12th July 2020



  1. Tolulope Moody

    What a read! Thank you for sharing, Oluwaloni!
    You’re hands down one of the most amazing people I know, and its been a humbling privilege for me getting to watch you say yes again and again to God, and the amazing stories he’s been telling through your yieldedness! I’m super proud of you son and I love you.
    PS- How far that your sulking sorrowful version?

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