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The Carpenter’s Wife: A Creative Take on Easter

When the Heavens declared that a King would be born,
That a Saviour would come,
That eternity would someday become home,
I was there,
When the stars whispered secrets to the night,
When Bethlehem bore witness to the extraordinary,
I was there,
I was there in obedience.

Let me tell you a story about the Messiah,
About how His first cry made Heaven dance,
About how His earthly life began in a humble manger.

Though He was God, He walked the streets as the Son of Man,
I remember the days He hammered nails to wood,
Just like Joseph taught Him to.

His touch was Balm in Gilead,
I watched Him walk into rooms and be Light,

When He spoke, broken hearts became whole,
He was antidote,
He was Father,
He was Rabbi,
He was God,
His love transcended beauty itself,
And that love led Him to die.

I remember the tremor in my lips as I watched His body on the cross,
Tears rolled down my eyes as blood gushed out of His sides,
From afar, I had followed Him,
Obeyed Him,
Made His wise words my command,
But here He was, about to be killed.
It broke my heart.

As the clouds became dark and He breathed His last,
The tears I had been holding back broke forth,
I watched his sweat turn to blood,
I saw His anguish as He was tortured,

He remained on the path,
He embraced the pain,
And still chose Calvary’s hill
For me, for you, for us.

As He was whipped,
My heart felt it,
But in that same moment, I felt peace
The kind that surpasses all understanding
Because I knew that this wasn’t the end of the story

For three days He lay in darkness,
The tomb seemed to hold Him tight,
But darkness couldn’t conquer the One who is Light.
The earth trembled, the angels sang,
As He rose from the grave, forever crippling Death

Today, I invite you to say Yes to the One
Who died so you could be set free,
Free from the shackles of sin and death,
So you can live life abundantly.

Written by Oba Lewis and Amakason Nwabeke

Oba and Amakason volunteer with the Content Team at Sycamore Church. 

(Blogposts are creative expressions generously provided for Sycamore Church. The ideas and thoughts do not necessarily represent the position of Sycamore Church

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