Your life can count for so much more

Your life can count for so much more

Your life can count for so much more! Find out how you can use your gift and talents to make an impact and change lives in your church and community

Event Management Team

Our Event Management Team provides coordination and order in all our church events.

You’ll definitely be seeing a lot of them around our church events, all to make sure they host you to the best possible service experience.

Venue management

Our Venue Management Team works to create the environment and atmosphere for our service. Although Zacchaeus met Jesus on a Sycamore tree, we kind of figure the meeting can be so much more exciting and impactful with a venue an environment and atmosphere a little better than up on a tree branch!


Our Media Team creates innovative ways of capturing and presenting the heart, vision and experience of Sycamore Church.


Our Follow Up Team builds and implements an effective system that establishes and supports new people in the faith or new members of our church, as they get grounded as disciples of Jesus and of the house. We always consider it a huge opportunity to get involved with people and walk with them in becoming all that God made them to be.

Sycamore Kids

We believe God is a God of generations and He’s already raising the next! Our Kids ministry strives to express God’s heart in raising and inspiring the next generation, by laying strong foundations of the faith and the heart of our church, in the most innovative and relevant ways possible.

Missions & Outreach

Our Outreach Team stays in the lead and keeps stretching the extents of all we can do as a Church in reaching and engaging the lost in our community and beyond with the gospel of Jesus, in a way they can understand it clearly and make well informed decisions with it. If we’ve got hands we stretch out as a Church to explore opportunities for the growth of our church community and its impact and influence , then our outreach team definitely is in the lead of the stretching

See outreaches(link to outreach page)

Welfare & Hospitality

Our Welfare and Hospitality Team is in the lead of making you experience, in the most practical ways possible, the warmth of the heart of our house. As a Church, we are always looking for opportunities to extend our love and hospitality both within our church and as we get to, within our community.


Our Prayer Team is a group of committed and dedicated people who stand in the lead for us as a Church in raising prayers before God on behalf of the people of our Church, our church as a whole, the body of Christ all over the world, our community and more. We believe God has given us a voice as a Church, and so we stand in responsibility in letting it out before God.

Resource Team

Our Resource Team builds and makes available very exciting and helpful resources from within our church that serve to empower the people of our Church and beyond. We’re all grateful to be helped on our Jesus-journey by the effectiveness of our Resource Team

Stop at the Connection Lounge before or after any of our services to find how you serve on one of these teams