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“I’d sing along while praying and crying….the songs from that album strengthened me” – Mrs. Ruth Omonigbehin shares experience with Sycamore Worship’s Sound of the New album.

Sycamore Worship’s new album, Never Less: Live in Church, is here, and it is beautiful. But it isn’t the main focus of this blog post. Instead, we’ll be doing something of an origin story, casting a spotlight on Sound of The New, the 2021 Sycamore Worship album that featured beloved tracks like Something New, Soul Command, and You Have My Yes.

We reached out to a church member, Mrs. Ruth Omonigbehin, who revealed how Sound of The New left a powerful mark on her family. Her story left us basking in awe of God’s awesomeness and the way He uses the songs He inspires to bless our souls and speak love to our hearts.

Sound of The New album art

Kindly tell us your name, what you do, and how you joined Sycamore.

Mrs. Ruth Omonigbehin: “My name is Ruth Omonigbehin, and I am a Nurse. The first time I attended Sycamore was with my elder brother. I eventually became a member when I got married because my husband attends Sycamore.”

It’s great to have you with us. Tell us how you felt when you first heard about Never Less, Sycamore Worship’s latest album.

Mrs. Ruth Omonigbehin: “I was excited, because the last album was for me, and I was so sure that the new one would be too.”

What was your favourite song on Sound of the New?

Mrs. Ruth Omonigbehin: “Soul Command! I have more than one favourite song from that album, but Soul Command is my top choice.”

Can you share with us why this song is indisputably your Number one?

Mrs. Ruth Omonigbehin: “It’s a long story. In 2021, my family went through a series of trying events; it was like the experience of Job in the Bible. It began with my husband getting kidnapped, robbed, and tortured. But God came through.

Two months later, I gave birth to my second son, and the doctors were not sure if he’d ever walk, talk, or even survive. But once again, God came through.

Three months later, we all got COVID-19 and had minor symptoms except for my husband, who had to be put on a ventilator at UCH Isolation Center. This was the toughest period for me. I remember when I would drive down to UCH every morning and back home in the evening. During this time, Sound of The New was on repeat in my car. 

I’d sing along while praying and crying because it was difficult to believe in those moments. But the songs from that album were part of the things that strengthened me. Encouragement from church family also kept me going, and most importantly, GOD BROUGHT US THROUGH.”

Wow. God is FOREVER FAITHFUL. As a sequel to your testimony, did you recommend Sound of The New to a friend or family?

Mrs. Ruth Omonigbehin: “Yes, I recommended it to a friend of mine. I think Furnace Faith is her favourite song.”

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Based on how God moved in your life and your family through Sound of The New, what would you say you really looked forward to in the Never Less album?

Mrs. Ruth Omonigbehin: “I really looked forward to the depth of meaning each song would have, and how they were going to come alive in my everyday life.”

So, how did you listen to the album for the first time? Were you alone or with friends? Or did you plan a listening party?

Mrs. Ruth Omonigbehin: “I prefer to do the first listen alone. I’ll share after I’m done soaking it up🤣”

Still haven’t listened to Never Less? You can do that now by clicking here.  

If you could send a message directly to the worship team, what would you want to say to them?

Mrs. Ruth Omonigbehin: “Firstly, thank you for the amazing work you do every service; worship is usually the first message I get to experience, even before the Pastor comes up to preach. Secondly, I can see that you have put in so much time and energy to make this album a success. God is a good father, and He will not forget your labour of love. Thank you so much.”

Thank you (to the worship team) for the amazing work you do every service; worship is usually the first message I get to experience, even before the Pastor comes up to preach.

Ruth Omonigbehin

Thank you so much for your time, ma.

Mrs. Ruth Omonigbehin: “Thank you, too, for the opportunity to express God’s faithfulness.”

The first sermon in the Talking to the Talkers series offered insights into the way our thoughts create a strong influence and bring more opportunities. A fitting, real-life example of that is Mrs. Ruth Omonigbehin getting through trying times by surrounding herself with the sound of life (worship) and not giving in because God’s plan is never evil intent.

Interview by Samuel Ajayi,

Samuel volunteers with the Content Team at Sycamore Church. 

(Blogposts are creative expressions generously provided for Sycamore Church. The ideas and thoughts do not necessarily represent the position of Sycamore Church)

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