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Finding Inspiration and Hope in ‘God of My Journey’ Lyrics

As we anticipate Sycamore Worship’s upcoming album, the Content Team took the opportunity to engage with some members of church, who shared their thoughts on the significance of the lyrics in God of My Journey, a church-favourite single from the soon-to-be-released project.

God of My Journey - Sycamore Worship
A line from the track ‘God of My Journey’ by Sycamore Worship

let’s start with introductions. Kindly tell us your name and if/where you volunteer in Sycamore.

Jesulayomi: “My name is Jesulayomi. I volunteer with the Branding and Resource team.”

Anita: “Hello, everyone. I am Anita Arukwe, and I volunteer with the Venue Management Team.”

Ed: “I’m Ed, and I volunteer in the Production team.”

What WOULD YOU SAY IS the main message of God of My Journey

Jesulayomi: “I think to me the main message is that God knows and sees me, and for me, that also means I can always have hope no matter what life throws at me ’cause God is always present…and I’m not doing this life’s journey alone. In short, God is an ever-present God…and He would not abandon us in this life journey of ours.”

Anita: “I think the main message of God of My Journey is simply how God is always sufficient; like in the lyrics, the word “enough” is what is used. You can have everything else and still be needing something. But with God, you have it all. Whether you can see it or not. It’s funny but true. And that’s no ordinary thing.”

Ed: “The message I always connect with is the fact that no matter what I’m going through, God is always right there with me. Scripture talks about how he will never give us more than we can handle, so it doesn’t matter what happens or how I feel; he is right there. He’s faithful when I don’t see it, and even when I’m completely lost and “begging” him to intervene in life struggles, he’s doing things behind the scenes. It’s very comforting to know.”

Who do you think the song is for?

Jesulayomi: “For me. Lol. For people who feel abandoned, tired, hopeless, anxious about what life holds; for people who feel unseen. That’s why I said for me, ’cause I’ve been in all these I mentioned.”

Anita: “I think the song is for all of us—everyone who is under the umbrella of a community. Sometimes, we tend to forget who God is to us, and this song just helps us to remember.”

Ed: “I believe the message is for every single one of us. We’re on a God Journey, so it makes perfect sense for us to rest in the God of that Journey. None of us can do life without Him.”

Are there any specific lines that stand out to you? If yes, why?

Jesulayomi: “Every word in that song stands out for me. But the chorus is my favourite part. “You are faithful when I don’t yet see/ You are working when I can’t explain your ways/And I worship you, the God of my journey/You are enough for me”. It helps me take away the focus from myself and focus on Jesus.”

Anita: “Well, it has to be the chorus for me. Those lines >>>>> It’s giving a God that will always be by my side. I love it!”

Ed: “Oh, most definitely the line that goes “You are faithful when I don’t yet see” in particular. The whole chorus gives me chills every time, but that line specifically strikes a chord with me because I had to learn to have faith and believe without “proof,” so to speak. So it constantly reminds me that even when I don’t see it, He’s working.”

My favourite part is, “You know just where I am/You know just what I need/ Your love won’t ever let me down“. It’s a reminder that He’s indeed the God of my journey. He knows where I am on the journey, where I need to be, and what I need to get there. It kind of reminds me of the song Never Walk Alone. Can you relate These lyrics to any personal experiences?

Jesulayomi: “Like I said earlier, the song is very personal. It feels like Sycamore Worship sang this song for me. But thinking of a personal experience, I think it’ll be my journey in UI. It wasn’t exactly a smooth journey because, at some point, I wanted to leave school, around 300 level. I didn’t understand anything. I didn’t understand what life was all about at that time. I’ve graduated now, but even at 500 level, it wasn’t like I was enjoying what I was doing. However, I saw how God carried me through, from being a girl who never thought she’d graduate to being a girl who eventually graduated. And all the in-betweens? 400 level was a very stressful year, and so was 500 level. Honestly, it’s such a reflective song for me. No matter what I’m facing right now, I can always remember that the God that was with me back then, the God that helped me back then, is still faithful here. 

There are plenty of experiences, to be very honest. I find myself singing the song (especially the chorus) when things are going beyond my control. Or when I’m so in awe of God’s goodness over the years.”

Oh my! God is really good. I’m glad He saw you through your journey in UI And you finally graduated!

Anita: “I can relate the lyrics to a lot of personal experiences. One specific one has to be the time when my apartment was burgled, and some stuff was stolen. My sister and I had just come home from church that day. And believe me, the last thing we wanted to be welcomed with was a burgled apartment.

But weeks later, I remember telling my sister how God really answers prayers and is faithful. Before going to bed, we pray, and we are always specific about how no evil should befall us – if it’s happening at the front, let us be at the back, and if it’s happening at the back, let us be at the front. Well, the apartment was being burgled, but we were in church. A lot of things could have gone wrong if we were home when it happened.”

Thank God for you and your sister’s lives. I really love this prayer. I think I’m going to steal it and share it with some people.

Anita: “Yessss. Because there’s a way you can lose sight of God’s protection, goodness and faithfulness when you focus on all the things that were stolen and the process of having to go to the police station to make a statement and all. It was crazy.”

Ed: “I find myself relating a whole lot these days, especially now that we’re back in school. There’s so much going on, and it’s so easy to feel overwhelmed. Remembering who has my back always helps to lift me from every possible depressive episode.”

Heartfelt moment of worship

Yes. We should never forget that He’s there with us through it all. So did you notice any connections between the lyrics and specific Bible verses or themes?

Jesulayomi: “Yeah, particularly with that verse which talks about God never leaving or forsaking us. I also see it in the Israelites’ journey. Even while they kept sinning and disregarding God, God helped them fight battles, showed up in miraculous ways and forgave them. Also, the verse about God being our very present help in times of trouble. There’s also Psalm 34:17-18. It talks about how God hears his people when they call. And that God is close to those whose hearts are broken.”

Anita: “I think it’s a Bible story that comes to mind. When the Israelites were on their journey to the promised land, there was a part when King Balak sent for Balaam to curse the Israelites, but Balaam blessed the Israelites instead because that was what God wanted. God didn’t abandon them even with how disobedient the children of Israel were.”

Ed: “Oh yeah, definitely. The story where Elijah was talking to God and feeling depressed because he thought he was the only prophet still serving God and being hunted by Jezebel, and God told him there were several others who hadn’t bent the knee to Baal. Even when Elijah didn’t see it, God had his back. The ravens, the widow at Zarephath, He was never alone.”

Jesulayomi: “Yeah, this! God was definitely the God of his journey. See how God orchestrated every one of his steps!”

Our final question —  What does this song tell you about God?

Jesulayomi: “When I hear this song in church or I’m singing alone, it makes me see God as an intentional God. Like from the beginning, He already knows how everything will play out. He’s not one that will leave His children. The song makes me see Him as a father. Yes, I might not see it, but my father is here.

And it reminds me of Abraham’s story. It’s something that Pastor says in church. While Abraham was doing his own on the climb side, God was on the blind side. So I might not see it now, like Anita said, and I might not fully understand. But God knows the end from the beginning. He’s an intentional God. If God is an intentional God, it makes me want to focus on my problems less and on God more. Because He knows what he’s doing and cannot make mistakes, he’s a well-structured God and won’t do an “anyhow job” with my life. So I can focus on Him more than the pain or things I face now.”


Hmm. I love this. Thank you. I forgot the blind sides /climb sides analogy for a bit. Thank you for reminding us of that. 

Anita: “It tells me that God is enough and that He is all-knowing! We humans think we know things, but we don’t know anything. God is sovereign, ever present, ever faithful. God is so powerful.”

Ed: “Cracks knuckles, cuz it’s time to crack jokes… He’s the God of our Journey😂. But really, though, he’s called Beginning and End for a reason. He knows the end of the journey already. All we have to do is ‘follow who know road’.”

Watch this video on ‘Climb Sides and Blind Sides‘.

Is there any other thing you want to add? Anything you want to say about the song? Or about Sycamore Worship and the album we’re all anticipating?

Jesulayomi: “I’m really looking forward to this album. I love all the songs. They are so, so deep, and they speak to the deepest parts of my soul. Sycamore worship is simply the best!”

Anita: “I’m looking forward to the album. Got favourites already!”

Ed: “You see that Sycamore Worship Album? The number of streams? I will be there no matter what!”

Sycamore Worship Team
Sycamore Worship Team

Thank you so much for your time and answers.

Jesulayomi: “Thank you so much. This was an interview I didn’t know I also needed. It helped me to be reflective and reminded me again that God is faithful…cos I saw small shege today. Thank you. This just shows how God is intentional again.”

Anita: “I am super grateful for the interview. Like Layo said, it really reminded me about how much of a good father God is. Thank you.”

Ed: “Thank you.”

Prisca Aniemeke volunteers with the Content Team at Sycamore Church

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