lyrics- Story of grace

lyrics- Story of grace

Verse 1
Through every sinful twist and turn
With all the guilt that I had worn
When I conceded hell had won
And my poor soul will have to burn.
Then your light shone through my distress
And offered more than all my mess
I’d reached for leaves to make a dress
Down came your blood-bought forgiveness

Chorus 1
Oh how low you reached
How close you came
How hard you loved
To buy a condemned heart
Now I can reach
My heart come near
No space between
My life is found in you

Verse 2
And when my eyes and thoughts they stray
Can hardly find the strength to pray
My weak feet wobble on their way
But still your grace is my life’s stay
Sometimes I’m full of fear and doubt
But how your peace still picks me out
Sometimes my will and strength they fail
But I’ve got hope behind the veil

Chorus 2
Oh how close you come
How hard you love
How long you hope
To save a fainting heart
Now I can hope
My feet can stand
My eyes look up
I live because of you

Verse 3
I lift my eyes to hopes ahead
I stay my thoughts with all you’ve said
I set my heart to love you more
I stand bold at your open door

Chorus 3
Oh how high I’m raised
So tenderly loved
How far I’ve come
Living life with you
No better love
None else compares
How much you mean
And here’s to forever
Here’s to forever
Here’s to forever

I will live for you
I will stay with you
I found life in you
I find life in you

© Sycamore Worship
Words & Music: Tolulope Moody, Oluwaloni Familoni, ‘Tobi Salako & Remi Agun

Release: November, 2019