Lyrics- Something New

Lyrics- Something New

Verse 1
Creation stands in longing for a move of God
Earth’s distant hope needs your good breath to come alive
The thief he stole, he killed, and he destroyed
But in the Son of God, he killed the wrong one
Cos when you conquered death
I found my breath

It’s a new day!
Dawn has come
For the devil’s night
God’s light in our hearts
Hope is rising now
Heaven’s here
He will shine through us
And light the world!

Verse 2
Cold rocks are breaking out a river flow
The risen Son has taken down the darkness
Fear’s grip won’t have my heart, not anymore
My win is in His blood, no longer sweat
I’ve taken on His Cause,
My life in His cross.

He hasn’t hasn’t done all that He can do
So my head’s raised high, and I trust anew
Cos the God I serve is doing something new
And in Jesus name, He will see it through

© Sycamore Worship
Words & Music: Tolulope Moody & Oluwaloni Familoni