Lyrics- Jesus Be praised

Lyrics- Jesus Be praised

Verse 1
Saviour, (still) beautiful as ever
Reaching out with grace and hope for me
My dim eyes are lighted up by your spark
My thirsty soul drinks life afresh in you

Jesus be praised
Hands raised
Heart bowed to you
Jesus be praised
My soul sings out with everything that I am
Jesus be praised
My life laid down
The sound of your name
Forever be raised in me
From my heart to your throne
I bring you my best
Jesus, Only Jesus, be praised

Verse 2
Tender, humbly laid your life down
Lowly friend of lowly ones like me
Yet you’re raging, conquering death and hell’s grip
Burning love with fire in your eyes

My greatest adoration can never match your greatness
No season of my life can take the spark off you,
The eternal blood from that old rugged cross
Mean you’ll always be worthy

© Sycamore Worship
Words & Music: Tolulope Moody, Oluwaloni Familoni