lyrics- Grave breaker

lyrics- Grave breaker

Verse 1
My rotating world stands locked down
My broken soul is in search for something new
I’d been living in the grave
Chasing harder day by day
But nothing of my strife could bring me life
You broke into my grave
You put your name on it
And asked me out

Verse 2
My heart says yes to your call
These age-trend grave clothes, at your voice, they all fall
(I’m) now swaddled in your love
This cry is my new life
My eyes can see again and look to you!
My hands stretch up to you
‘Cause you stretched down and then wide
To cross my past

Jesus, you’re the Grave-breaker!
You broke your grave; you broke mine too!
Jesus, you’re my life-giver!
You walked through death to birth life in me!

The grave has lost its hold on me
Your truth it came and set me free
Your grace it wipes all shame off me
Your light is shining now through me
Your name is my identity
Your victory’s my authority
Your spirit’s blazing up in me
Your kingdom prospers now in me

© Sycamore Worship, 2020
Words and Music by Tolulope Moody and Oluwaloni Familoni
Release date: Easter 2020