We believe that every person that yields themselves to God can be greatly used in His Kingdom purpose. We believe that a move of God isn’t just about the superstars and platforms; we believe it’s also about unlikely people and street corners.

There are four things that you can constantly keep at heart in being in the lead of a move of God in our Church:

Pray for Our Church

Pray for our church, that the Lord of harvest will send harvest hands into His field (Luke 10:2)

Provide for Our Church

Be faithful and consistent with your tithing and giving in obedience to God’s word. Stretch the extents of your generosity towards our Church and causes. (1 Chronicles 22:14-16; Malachi 3:10)

Participate in Our Church

Use your God-given gifts, talents and abilities and stretch the extents of your involvement in our ministries and services. (1 Corinthians 15:58, Romans 12:6)

Plant in Our Church

Stay committed to reach out to and bring in people in your world who need church, and follow through in seeing them established. (John 1:41-45)