Take a next step

Take a next step

new to faith

We’re very excited about your decision to make a commitment to Jesus! We’re certain there’s no better step you could have taken about life and that a step taken towards God through Jesus is never a wrong step.
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Our School of Discipleship takes you on a journey of discovering truth and principles to help you grow in your relationship with Jesus and thrive in all of His purpose for you.
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Our Church is not a crowd, we’re a Family, and you matter to us.
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Your life can count for so much more! Find out how you can use your gift and talents to make an impact and change lives in your church and community.
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We believe that every person that yields themselves to God can be greatly used in His Kingdom purpose. We believe that a move of God isn’t just about the superstars and platforms; we believe it’s also about unlikely people and street corners.
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