INSPIRE is an alternate outreach service specially targeted and designed for the very unlikely and vulnerable people in our immediate community.

INSPIRE will run for four weeks from Sunday, May 16th 2021.

At the core of our passion as a Church is to be an elevation for ordinary everyday people to see Jesus, to discover His purpose for their lives and to be empowered to live it out.

INSPIRE will give us the collective opportunity as a church to do all of that for the people in our immediate community who need it the most.

Over an initial period of four weeks, a special volunteering team will work together to target and reach, build relationships with, and create an inspiring Jesus experience for the target group. We believe for this to inspire every single one of them towards the life of purpose that God intends for every single one of them through a relationship with Jesus.

Every one of the services will include a time of worship, of learning God’s word and prayer, as well as inspiring engagement. Every service will end with time to share lunch together and build community / mentorship interaction.

Can You Be A Part?

We welcome church members to be a part of creating this miracle! Project-specific volunteering opportunities exist with music, follow-up, welfare and hosting, venue and logistics as well as a reach-out team. To sign up to volunteer, click here

You can also extend your generosity by giving a specific donation towards the INSPIRE service. INSPIRE will not receive offerings or any form of giving from attendees and so will entirely be funded by the generosity of others.

To give towards INSPIRE- Please use the following details

Sycamore Community Church

and tag your donation INSPIRE