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How to Discover and Enjoy Lasting Happiness at Work

Do you ever feel like your work is just a means to an end?

I’m sure that we’ve all been there. What if I told you that work could be more than that? That you could find joy, purpose, and fulfilment in your workplace? That your work can be your light?

This article will explore practical tips for finding joy in your job. Whether you’re sitting in endless meetings or a seemingly endless class, these tips will help you discover the joy of meaningful work. 

So, if you’re ready to embrace the 9-to-5 grind, freelance grind or your academic studies, and find lasting happiness at it, keep reading!

1. Streamline your expectations to the essentials

I remember sitting in one of the aisles in church and listening to Pastor Tolu Moody talk about how to find lasting happiness in your work and do good work even when the environment is toxic. One of the things I won’t forget he mentioned is this, your workplace is just that – a workplace.

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It’s not the place to look for cozy friendships and people you can unburden yourself on and do life with. At work, you’re hired to work. If you find great friendships along the way while working, that’s amazing but really, that is not the priority.

The love language of your workplace is good work.

The love language of your workplace is good work. So, do your job and don’t expect the hallmark of your work to be relationships or extracurricular benefits because those aren’t the priorities of a workplace.

2. Rediscover the delight of work

You can’t change the fact that work is tasking. But you can rediscover the true joy and that sense of accomplishment that goes with doing good work. Our work is a way to partner with God to make something happen. That is something to be excited about! 

When you find delight in what you do, you are more likely to enjoy it more and do it well. Here are some practical ways to rediscover the delight of work:

  • Start your mornings with a confession.
  • Spend your commute listing things that you’re grateful for.
  • Don’t just track your accomplishments; track your efforts.
  • Have a work playlist (if you can)

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3. Celebrate your small wins.

You don’t have to wait till you get that salary raise or pass that exam to celebrate. Small wins like completing a project ahead of schedule, overcoming fear, learning a new skill, and solving a challenge all deserve celebration.

Simple ways to give yourself a pat on the back include:

  • Write down your accomplishment in a journal.
  • Share your achievement with a friend or family member.
  • Treat yourself to a snack or drink
  • Take a short break in the evening to do something you enjoy, like reading or watching a movie.
4. Develop out-of-work hobbies.

Although work makes up a large part of your life, it shouldn’t be the entirety of who you are. Engaging in hobbies can provide a much-needed outlet for stress, help you build new skills, and provide a sense of purpose outside of work.

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Looking for new hobbies to take up? Here are a few suggestions from the Sycamore Church family:

  • Dancing
  • Painting
  • Gardening
  • Phone photography
  • Volunteering
  • Learning a new instrument

“For I can do everything through Christ, who strengthens me.“- Philippians 4 vs 13

While work might sometimes look overwhelming, God’s word reminds us that His strength is available for us. We can work out of the consciousness that we have a power greater than ourselves helping us.

This week, work knowing that your work is a gift and that you have the strength for it!

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