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From Chemistry Lab Convos to saying “I do” – Will Remi Agun’s Love Story

In the first part of our ‘How I Met My Spouse’ series, we had an inspiring and fun conversation with Mrs. Ofon-Ime Akpan-Olutunde which you should absolutely read HERE

This time around, Mr. Will Remi Agun shares with us, how his love story began. Get ready to be reminded that God still writes the best love stories. 

Host: So…First things first, can we meet you?

Will Remi: I’m Will Remi Agun. I am Seyi’s husband, ‘Damini’s dad, and Victor’s big brother. I serve with the Sycamore Creative Shows Team and Sycamore Worship Team. I work in the downstream oil and gas sector, and I am pursuing a PhD in Environmental Sustainability.

(L-R: Will Remi Agun, JesuDamini Agun and Seyi Agun)

Host: Awesome! So… let us in on the back story. When did you first set eyes on your spouse? 

Will Remi: It was in a chemistry lab on campus – CHM 104. I wanted to invite her to church. So, I struck up a conversation with her.

Host: Hmm…Chemistry. What was your first impression of your spouse?

Will Remi: She seemed like a reserved and laid back person to me. That was my first impression.  She wasn’t the “happening girl” in class and she usually attended lectures alone. I didn’t consider her pretty then, but that was only because I wasn’t in that headspace. 

I started seeing her as a pretty girl in 300 level. When I got to speak to her, I learnt that she attended a campus fellowship. She didn’t come to church with me right away. But eventually, she did, after a few weeks.

Host: Amazing! Tell us, what was the most memorable or the funniest moment during your first few encounters.

Will Remi: Well, this is a hard one. Our first encounters weren’t fun-filled or funny. But later, we got close and formed a clique. One recurrent thing then was the suya dates in the evenings close to her hostel. Just not with her alone, but also with the third lady in the clique as a group, Oyin. 

This was in 2010. Suya was still 100 naira then and we’d buy 3 and they’d walk me towards my own hostel. Sometimes, we’d stop at the sports complex to pray. She liked LaCasera then, Oyin liked Fanta. I liked Coke. 

Oyin got engaged immediately after school and got married in 2015 which was also the year my wife and I started dating. So, when we eventually began nurturing our romantic feelings for each other, we did a lot of suya and LaCasera dates.

Talking about Suya…

(It’s happening on Saturday. Strictly for singles)

Host: ‘What Suya has joined together…’😂 Anyway, moving on… How did your relationship progress from the initial meeting to becoming a couple? 

Will Remi: It was a long, steady progress. We left school in 2013 and I hadn’t decided to pursue her for any relationship when we did. My church at the time had an elaborate relationship process that involved speaking to the pastor about the lady and writing officially to the marriage committee after the Pastor had given you a go ahead. 

So, I began the process at the end of 2013. We were communicating over the phone. WhatsApp was just becoming a thing, and that was a good tool. We spoke at length on calls too, MTN extra cool and stuff. 

My brother already gave his views on the girl and the relationship. And my parents were told, before I asked her out officially. And when she said “yes” in March, 2015, we were set to get married in 2016. That eventually wasn’t the case. Long story. We got married in 2020, during the pandemic. And we went through several lifetimes/seasons before that happened. 

But during that period, let me say we were adventurous together. We served in the north and we were in different states that were far apart. But we decided to see each other monthly. We attended conferences and meetings together. When I was invited to minister, I found a way to register her as an attendee so we can see each other. 

This went on till I moved to Ibadan to attend Sycamore Church. Upon the advice of my Pastor, she moved to Ibadan and got a job, a better job than mine. She didn’t attend Sycamore with me right away but we were making plans to get married and settle in Sycamore. 

(Will Remi and Seyi back in 2019)

Host: Aww, it’s always nice to hear about a love that endures. Now we want to know, what qualities in your spouse stood out to you?

Will Remi: Oh, great. I’d like to share. Seyi is such a beautiful person. Yeah, she’s pretty and that’s a good quality, one I will mention first. She’s a spec! Plus she is home to me in many ways. 

Secondly, she is very understanding. She knows me best. My brother (who’s my closest friend) is perhaps the next person that knows me that deeply. I had so much going on as a person that displayed melancholic tendencies. I was considered weird by many. But she had my time and saw me. She still does. 

Thirdly, her relationship with God stood out to me. I met Seyi when I was considered a ‘spirikoko’. I was given platforms as a minister and treated as such. I had access to many revered people. But these things don’t say I am spiritual or not. They don’t guarantee my health and progress with God. Seyi was (and still is) one person that helped me stay in that track with God.

While we were planning to be married, our families threw some stunts our way. But Seyi’s malleable, spiritual, and understanding heart was a major ingredient to our survival. With these, I say she’s beautiful.

Host: Sounds like she is a precious jewel. I am happy for you, sir. Onto the next…What’s a tradition or routine that you feel is peculiar to your marriage? 

Will Remi: We hold financial meetings; I don’t know if that’s peculiar. As for traditions, we read our Bibles individually at the same time on our coffee table if I’m in town, daily, together. If I’m not, we still do it at the same time. 

We also have a Sunday evening stroll-thing like that that we enjoy. That’s weekly. 

Monthly, we decide on a person to honor with our gifts and we give the gifts to the person(s). 

We are still developing other traditions.

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Host: I like that generosity is a part of your family traditions. Can you recall a particularly meaningful or romantic moment in your relationship?

Will Remi: Yeah. There was one evening where Seyi pried JesuDamini off me and locked the door to allow me to sleep. It had been a long day and ‘Damini was all over me. So, for me, it was a sweet romantic gesture.

Asides that, our wedding was one of the most beautiful and romantic ceremonies I have ever seen and experienced in my life! Yeah, it’s my wedding and I might be biased. But we had it in PTM (Pastor Tolulope Moody) and PDM’s (Pastor Debola Moody) sitting room. We wanted it to be something simple, but intimate. We had a few friends (20 people) attend. I remember the decor (shout out to Tolu Olorunfemi and PTM) and the singing (Sycamore Worship, thank you!) and the ambience…sheesh! So sweet. 

Thanks to PTM and PDM for the sweet gesture and pleasure. Heaven came down that day, in that room! Then, Akin Show drove us to our scarcely-furnished newly-rented apartment. That day was magical! Another incredibly meaningful one was when and how JesuDamini was born. That’s why her name is so meaningful to us. It means “Jesus owns me totally” or “Jesus alone owns me”.

(Will Remi and Seyi, exchanging vows in PTM’s living room)

Host: You’ve had so many love-filled, and meaningful moments, love it!  Finally, what parting words do you have for anyone out there looking forward to building a life with a spouse?

Will Remi: Thank you for framing the question that way and using the word: building. God is the true builder, we partner with Him. So, allow God to help you. Don’t be rigid and set in your ways. Your ways are foolish compared to His. 

Also, start a relationship with a heart of adventure. It’s going to be a good time, if you let God shape your love story.

Start a relationship with a heart of adventure. It’s going to be a good time, if you let God shape your love story.

Will Remi Agun
(Mr Will Remi and Mrs Seyi Agun)

Host: Profound!

We have come to the end of this interview series. We hope you have been inspired by the way God still uses the seemingly ordinary events in our everyday lives, like a campus political meeting, a conversation in a chemistry lab or a Suya Night gathering for Singles, to script the best love stories. 

See you next time!

Lolade Folorunsho and Victor Anih

These volunteers serve with the Content Team at Sycamore Church 

(Blogposts are creative expressions generously provided for Sycamore Church. The ideas and thoughts do not necessarily represent the position of Sycamore Church)


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