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Four People Share Memorable Moments from Sycamore Creative Shows

When you watch a stage play or creative show, what really makes it stick long after the show is over? 

Out of curiosity, I asked four amazing people to share their memorable moments from previous Sycamore Creative Shows, and why the said moments were memorable.  

I received some interesting responses. 


EVERY! SINGLE! MOMENT! It’s always beautiful to see people volunteer their time, talents and resources to tell a Jesus-story and be part of a move of God!

But, if I have to pick one memory, I’d say it was a spoken word presentation by Dotun Kassim during the show titled Constellation

I heard God speak clearly to me through that piece. The show happened at a time when I was not exactly in the best place with God. To be honest, I was only there to support and “cheer-lead” my friends who were acting.

But as Dotun stepped out, sat on the stage and started to speak, I was reminded of the cross and everything it represents! And that all I had to do to get right with God was to just COME! It was a personal invitation (or should I say re-invitation) for me! 


It was the scene with Femi, Chinenye and Stanley in the creative show titled Bent. It was the point where Chinenye came over to Femi’s place to break up with him. I think she told him she couldn’t help him any further, and that only Jesus could heal him.

I was in this sort of situation once and I made it my responsibility to “fix” the person despite the fact that I wasn’t very mature in my Christian journey.

However, with every effort made, I noticed my own spiritual and emotional well-being was being affected in a negative way.

There were several moments when I felt the need to reassess my relationship with this person but I kept ignoring it. So, that moment during the creative show was the “it” moment.

It made me realise that the only person who had the capacity to heal, take away one’s burden and give one a changed heart is Jesus.

Meet the cast behind the Sycamore Creative Show “Bent


To be very honest, I don’t really remember the scenes. Creative shows have always been a big opportunity for me to reach my friends and other people in my world that I’ve not been able to reach with the message of Jesus previously. Not about me. So, that’s kind of what sticks for me.

When I remember inviting someone for a show, and that person keeps showing up and thriving in their Jesus Journey, I find those moments memorable. 

But if I were to choose other memorable moments, it would be the spoken word renditions. I love beautifully-stringed words. They just sink into my soul.

(Spoken Word Rendition by Amakason, Sycamore Creative Show Volunteer)

They reverberate and I can meditate upon them. Creative Show spoken word renditions are always great reminders of God’s love, God’s intentionality and His faithfulness.


I think for me, it would be the creative show titled Bent.

Bent had a touching story. From it’s beginning to the end. A lot of people felt connected to the story and felt seen by Jesus with eyes of grace, love and redemption.

There were so many testimonies of changed lives. But my most memorable and “for me” moment was the number of creative show volunteers who could identify with the characters in the show. And in that identification, they were transformed by the story too.

Yeah, stories of attendees are always touching and worth it. But Bent visualised how our prayers, that “lives will be changed, ours included”, were answered.


Reading about these memorable moments from previous creative shows is just a beautiful reminder of the power of telling a Jesus story.

Where will you be on Friday, 22nd  of March, 2024?

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See you on Friday!

Interview by Doyin Ajala.

Doyin volunteers with the Content Team at Sycamore Church. 

(Blogposts are creative expressions generously provided for Sycamore Church. The ideas and thoughts do not necessarily represent the position of Sycamore Church)

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  • Oba Lewis
    Posted March 21, 2024 at 12:20 pm

    It’s such a beautiful thing that God is doing in the lives of people through our creative shows. God is good, and this was a beautiful read.

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