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We believe that spiritual growth is a deliberate process that we embrace, not something we stumble into over time. Growing spiritually is completely different from ageing spiritually!

School of Discipleship (SOD) is a life-changing journey that will equip you to become the more God wants you to be.

Through a series of relevant teaching and multiple prompts for engagement, SOD will help you grow in your relationship with God.

Here’s what you can look forward to in SOD
  • Learn what the big story of humanity is and how you fit into that story.
  • Understand foundational topics such as Faith, Grace, Prayer, The Holy Spirit, The Word of God, Hearing God, Sin, Loyalty, Faithfulness, Honour, Spiritual Growth, Generosity and Soul Winning.
  • Learn about the heart and values of Sycamore Church and how you can be a part of what God is doing here.
There are different options for you to choose from.


The on-site SOD experience is an interaction-driven alternative to the online SOD experience. The pace is predetermined ahead of the session. This mode might be suitable for you if you attend church in person.

You can register for the next on-site session here.


The online SOD experience is flexible and self-paced. You can easily fit it into your schedule and participate from wherever you are. There are features included to aid engagement and reflection. The goal is to help you gain a deeper understanding and find practical applications.
The content is distributed over eight weeks to provide a challenging but balanced pace to your learning.

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The Relationship Course is offers a variety of modules which give a practical guide for whatever relationship season you might find yourself in. 

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