Day 7 – We Can Influence More!

Day 7 – We Can Influence More!

Bible Reading: Matthew 5:1-16, Isaiah 60:1-5

I recall how, several years ago as a young child, I would always get very thrilled when I watched very large concerts and saw different sections of the audience having different colours. For me, it meant that the concerts were so well planned to the extent of getting all the people who were to sit in a particular section to wear the same coloured shirt.

I grew up to understand how silly a thought that was and that the colours on each section were simply a function of the lights that were put over the section.

I find that most instructive in view of what light is.

It brings such a strong awareness for us as Christians when we consider just how much light influences! Light totally changes the tone and ambience of a room. It affects what can be done or cannot be done. It determines illumination. 

We must not underestimate how weighty it is, when Jesus calls his followers the light of the world! It is definitely a huge indication of how Jesus thinks of Christians. 

He sees us as a people of influence, not some miserable barely-surviving, cant-wait-to-escape-the-world beings. He sees us as a people who determine the experience the world lives in. He sees us as illumination for a dark world, not as a people swamped and buried in the badness of the world. He sees us as determinants of the tone and feel of the world.

Jesus calls his followers light!

1. Can We Improve The Quality Of Our Influence?

It’s one thing to understand that God has given us the opportunity of influence, it’s another thing to ask what quality of influence we’re putting out. 

Can we improve the quality of our influence?

So often, we’ve put too much in the mix and it has affected the quality of our influence.

We’ve got the Jesus thing in there, but we’ve added so much self seeking, sin and worldliness that dulls out the quality of the illumination that we give the world. 

Can our light be what it should be- a bright expression of Jesus, purified from the contaminations and weights of self and ambition?

Let’s remind ourselves that the world deserves the best of Jesus! The world deserves our brightest and purest light.

Can you improve the quality of influence you put out in your every day conversations? Can you resolve to take advantage of every platform and opportunity you have to be a God-sent bright light.

2. Can We Intensify The Reach Of Our Influence?

Jesus taught that when men light a candle, they put it up on a stand to give light to the entire room. In other words, they set the position to stretch the extents of influence the light holds over the room.

At the end of the day, the world is not subject to the right influences only- the world is subject to the dominant influences.

Believers must understand that if we go silent, then darkness becomes a dominant influence. God calls us to stretch the extents of our influence for the glory of His name.

We must start to believe God can use us more and do more in and through us. 

The intensity of the darkness in the world is not a statement of the darkness prevailing, it is a statement of the absence of light. 

We can influence more! 

Believe God for words of light in conversations today. Believe God for acts of light in situations today. Believe God that through you, people will encounter and experience Jesus. Believe that your neighborhood and family will experience the invasion of a God-light. Believe God to help you bring illumination everywhere you are, including you being a builder and positive influencer of systems, to the glory of His name.

Something To Pray

Take a moment to dedicate every opportunity and platform that you have in life right now, and all that God will yet open up to you as an opportunity to shine the light. Tell God to make you a purer and more intense light in the dark world. 


  1. A.S

    Amen. May God inspire my heart, hands and thoughts. May I be a know the hope of his calling and shine his light so bright. Amen

  2. Tolani

    I wish this could be an everyday of the month devotional. The words always hit everytime and I’m glad for the growth and progress I’ve had the opportunity to make being a part of surge. ?????

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