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Day 7: The Power of The Simple Things

Bible Reading: 1 Thessalonians 5:12-28

If you’re a sports enthusiast, you might be able to relate to those closing moments in most timed sports games.

There’s that moment when one team in a soccer game, for example, has a narrow one goal lead and needs to see out the last few minutes of the game. There’s a lot of tension and anxiety as the other team mounts all the pressure they can to try get back in the game. It is at times like that that winners realize the sheer power and importance of the simple things.

With the body really tired and the mind almost exhausted, it’s always interesting to see the team score this important win by just rediscovering the very simple and basic things: make the simplest, basic passes; don’t concede possession; defend with your basic disciplines; don’t wander away from your position; don’t commit any panic fouls, don’t get carried away by anything happening off the pitch, etc.

I get that very same tone as Paul is rounding off his letter to the Thessalonians and giving them ‘final instructions’.

We live in desperate times.  We live in the face of invasions that seem to happen faster than we know what to with them. It’s like we’re always facing those last minute attacks from the opposition. But as we read through these beautiful verses, I think Paul is inviting us to rediscover some of the simplest of Christian life instructions. They are really handy and practical tools that we must keep at our finger tips.

I want you to imagine Paul like one of those very aggressive coaches shouting and screaming some let-me-see-you-do-it-now instructions to his guys at the touchline: (v. 16-19)



‘Be thankful!’

‘Do not quench the Spirit!’

But it’s not just that. He’s sandwiching all that between some very practical wisdom as to how to really thrive and be fruitful in the times:

Recognize and deal properly with leadership (v. 12-13) Learn to look out for others in the appropriate way- warn, encourage, help, etc. (v 14-15)

Then he closes the sandwich on the other side with a timely reminder of God’s faithfulness. (v. 24)

It’s interesting how we can get into all the motions of faith and deep revelations about spirituality and we forget the basic, simple things.

I pray today that you will rediscover the amazing power in the real simple things. This is no time to allow tiredness get the better of you. This is no time to feel mentally drained. Rediscover the simple things. Don’t just read over these. Ask yourself how you can be more thankful and to who, and how you can be rejoicing, and praying continually. Remind yourself of prophecies that you’re holding on to.

The simple things will always carry a golden weight in your journey with the Lord.

May you live in the profound power and victory that God intends for you!

PS. I’m super excited about our Surge Prayer Hangout this evening! I can’t think of any better way to round off this surge series. I believe prayer changes the narrative!

You can still send in praise reports and prayer needs at We’ll be so honoured to rejoice with you and pray with you!

I want you to take the effort to invite people in your world to be a part of it.  It’s going to be some special minutes on all our online platforms! See you at 7 pm WAT (GMT +1)

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