Day 7: Renewed Heed

Day 7: Renewed Heed

Bible Reading: Hebrews 2:1-18

I’m sure that life must have taught you how the same thing can feel very different at different times.  An hour can feel like a long time… or a short time. A soccer game runs for a standard 90 minutes. There are times that the tensions and the thrills make it feel so short. You can hardly believe how the time is running down. There are other times though, that it seems like I’m literally living through 90 years waiting for a 90 minute game to be over.  You doze off and wake up like three times within a 30 minute spell, and the game is still on!

I’m sure you can relate to that in different ways. 

There are seasons in a relationship when being together for three hours feels like it was just five minutes. There are other times though, when the tensions have built and there’s all the uneasiness, that five minutes feels like it is three hours. There are church service that you can’t believe an hour is gone so quickly! There are others that feel like saying those words of the disciples to your pastor ‘Master, we have toiled all night’. And maybe it’s actually just an hour gone!

We’re done with a week of Surge! I just want to say its okay, really- whether you feel like it has just been two days; or you feel like it has been two months!  Honestly, it’s okay.

What matters more is not how we feel about Surging, but that we are actually surging!

As we lean over the first week, I know that there is so much that has jumped at us, and I think it’s great that we take today to reflect and renew our sense of heed.

The writer of Hebrews encourages us to ‘give the more earnest heed to the things we have heard’  if we don’t want to ‘drift away’ (Hebrews 2:1)

The writer of Hebrews creates three steps in his admonition to ’give heed’ to what we are learning- 

‘Give the more earnest heed’

Not just give heed.

Not just give more heed.

But give the more earnest heed.

What will that look like if you said you are giving the more earnest heed to the things you are learning and drawing from Surge?

That we choose the smell of a fresh world, not the stench of a dead world.

That The Spirit of God is the spirit of the new.

That we will not tone down or be distracted from our sense of God-given vision.

That our strength supply is ‘according to God’s riches in glory’!

That our lives are not to be rushed, but must be lived with urgency and intensity and our moments made to count.

That to be a Christian is not just to be committed to Jesus, but that a commitment to Jesus births other commitments that we must hold dearly.

What else has this past week brought to the fore for you? What has waiting on God prompted you towards? Are there flash decisions that you really need to be pinning down in a definite way? Are there plans that you really need to be accountable about so they don’t slip away?

We must do more than give heed. We must give the more earnest heed.  

As we wait on God today, let’s believe for the Holy Spirit to be rekindling in us a remembrance of the things we have heard and helping us to hold them strongly, not just today- but all through the year ahead.


In Prayer Today

  1. Pray that the Holy Spirit will quicken you and create a sense of urgency in your heart concerning all that you have been learning/ will be learning in the Surge period.
  2. Specifically pray along the lines of one or two action points that have popped up before you win the course of Surge and pray for the grace and direction to follow through on them. 


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