Bible reading: Matthew 16:13-18; Psalm 27: 1-4 

Have you ever been in a relationship-definition moment- when you’ve probably been around someone for a while and then they pop the ‘what are we?’ question… Or it could be the more famous, leave me an anonymous message. 

I think our reading today was Jesus in one of those moments with His disciples- What are we? What do you think of me?

Just like Jesus asked His disciples, I believe He still asks ‘Who do you say that I am?’ 

If we all look over our unique life stories, there’s a statement of Jesus that emerges. There’s a unique testimony of who Jesus is that your life experience gives proof to. This is more than what people say. This is more than a fine Christian line. This is what your deepest soul knows and says about God. 

Jesus asked His disciples ‘who do men say that I am?’ Men get it wrong. Unbelievers can’t get this. They’ve not been in this. 

But who do you say that He is? 

You would never appreciate Him as your light-giver if you’ve never been through some of those dark seasons; you’ll never really know Him to be your rock if you’ve never really needed support; you’ll never know Him to be your lifter if you don’t know what it means to be down; you’ll never know Him to be your wisdom if you’ve never been in a lockdown that got you out of your depth…

At a time like this, it’s easy to get swamped in all that people are saying. There are so many voices everywhere. But what are you saying about Jesus?

There’s an amazing Jesus-statement in your story. 

There are four things that I believe a Jesus-statement will do for you if you find it: 

It’s A Gift To Enjoy 

It’s a revelation to live in. When you can boldly say ‘the Lord is my healer’, you live in the blessedness of health. When you say ‘The Lord is my helper’, you live in the great grace of being helped; when you say ‘The Lord is my safety’, you live safe and secure. Our Jesus-statement is a gift we live in. 

It’s A Trust We Hold For Others 

I believe your statement is not just about you, but it’s a trust you hold on behalf of others. The truth is that what seems to be a given for you is a prayer point for someone else. When you confidently make your Jesus-statements, it empowers someone else on the journey. 

Somebody somewhere needs to know He’s the God that never leaves us; somebody in your world needs to know He’s the God that shines brighter than any darkness; somebody needs to know He’s the One who stays when everyone else leaves us; someone around you is in a struggle that the Lord has delivered you from and needs your statement to believe. 

Your Jesus statement is not just about you. The comfort you have received will comfort others. 

It’s A Test For More 

Our faithfulness to recognize Jesus in the seemingly little things in life is always a test for more. When you call Him provider in the little things, then He knows you will acknowledge Him as the source of the big things.  

When you are faithful in making the events and sequences of your life Jesus-statements, you are passing the test for Him to commit more to you. 

It’s A Pattern For The Future 

One of the things God does in any life is to establish a pattern of His working. Once you can find the pattern, you can hold it and reproduce it on larger scales. 

David found a pattern: ‘God is my deliverer from all that comes against me’. He had tested it with the lions and with the bears. It is the same God-statement he reminded himself of as Goliath came up against Him. 

Have you ever had God bring you out of tight corners? Show up when you thought you were done? Save you from a struggle? Provide for a need? Bless you with an opportunity? 

He didn’t do it then based on a mood- He did it to make a statement to you of who He is. 

Can we deliberately lean on our unique Jesus statements today, be refreshed and encourage and empower one another’s faith? Whether in the comments section below, or with your life group or with friends or family, I encourage you to deliberately share a Jesus statement today!

What do you say of Jesus?

I say of Him that He is my loving Saviour, the one who delivered me from my sin and addictions, He is the One who has always knows my every need and always had them figured out, He is my wisdom to do life, my way maker and He is my ever present help in time of need. 

In writing this, I am amazed at how He is the One who has my future in His memory. The things that freak me out are settled with Him already. 

I could go on and on…

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  1. Oki Oluwaseyi

    I say of Jesus that He is my Saviour and Deliverer, the One who saved and saves me from every mess I’ve been and would have been in, He’s always got me covered!
    He is my truest friend who knows and supplies my every need. He has never left me stranded, He always shows up and is never too late. He is my Strong Tower, my surest and most solid support system amidst all life’s troubles!
    He’s my refuge and safety!
    I can never exhaust the list, I worship and stand in awe of all that JESUS is to me!!!

  2. Mercy Aluko

    I say of Jesus that He is my very present help in times of need and my ever constant support in every situation!

  3. Carolina Gideon-krama

    Jesus is my Lord and Saviour. He is my friend who is always there. He is my provider and my source . Jesus is my strong shield and protector. He is my helper and the person who holds my future

  4. Seun

    My future is God’s memory. I am safer with Him in the storms than I am with people on the boat. God can be trusted.

  5. Dotun

    Jesus is the lover of my soul, always calling me into deeper depths with Himself. Jesus is the author of my story, weaving all the events of my life into a beautiful masterpiece.

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