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Day 6- We Can Strike More!

Bible Reading: 2 Kings 13:14-20, Hebrews 10:37-39

One of the most annoying things to me in all human endeavours is when an opportunity goes by, and then the person who was in a position of influence over the lost opportunity tells me ‘I would have agreed if you had asked one more time’ or something of that sort.

I’m like ‘thank you for this most encouraging information!’

I never want to feel I barely stopped short, especially when I know I could actually have done the little more.

I’m sure that’s how Joash felt with Elisha in our reading today. He could have struck the ground several more times. But sadly, he didn’t. 

Why wasn’t he told ahead?

The truth is the biggest opportunities of our lives will not come with signboard notices. We simply have to learn to be people that maximize every moment of our lives anyway. 

The big question is not about moments that call for special hits. The big question is to give every moment of life our most special hit. 

If we believe it is right to love then we should love all we can all the time; if it is right to give, then we should give all we can all the time; if it is right to go to church, then we should go with our best attitude all the time, and not live wondering whether its going to be a special service. 

Would you strike all you can? 

1. Now is Now, Then Will Be Then

Many people seem to be saving their special strikes for some special moments somewhere ahead. 

I pray we would get a revelation that now is now and then will be then.

People keep their special ideas and effort till they land their dream job, they keep their love and forgiveness till they are into a marital relationship, they keep their cleanliness and order till they live in the house they dream…

Don’t postdate your strikes. Now is now and then will be then.

Don’t lose your now in anticipation of a then. Give today every strike you can. Tomorrow comes with a grace for all that is in it. 

2. Except We Couldn’t Strike Anymore

I don’t mind missing out on Elisha’s full blessings. Really. But let it be because I couldn’t strike anymore, not because I just didn’t. 

When I’m explaining to my kids why I missed out on Elisha, I hope I can sincerely tell them I just couldn’t strike anymore. It was beyond me.

If that won’t be true, then I want the full blessing!

If it was down to me just not wanting to forgive one more time, or just not wanting to have the conversation again, of just not wanting to pray again and love again… 

If it is just down to my failure to strike again, then I think it’s too weak a story to tell.

I wonder how many homes, marriages and relationships didn’t have to be lost if only we would strike one more forgiving hit? I wonder how many people could have gotten to the water in the hard rock of their career if only they would strike one more hit of commitment. 

Be encouraged today. You can strike again. Remember, on the other side of your strike is a God who actually wants to bless you with much more!

Something To Pray

Can we pray today for a steadfastness of heart and of hands and a fresh encouragement to strike again- whatever that is in your context.


  • A.S
    Posted May 6, 2021 at 4:31 am

    Amen. Thank you sir. This speaks to me directly. Now is now and then is then. I’ll learn to put my best into the now.

  • Jide
    Posted May 6, 2021 at 10:00 am

    If it is just down to my failure to strike again, then I think it’s too weak a story to tell.

    Empowered to be excellent.

  • Titi
    Posted May 6, 2021 at 9:04 pm

    Amen! There is so much even in the now, I mustn’t miss it! Thank you sir

  • Seun Sunmola
    Posted May 7, 2021 at 6:52 am

    I will not wait till tomorrow to give life my full intensity, I will start today! Thank you so much sir!

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