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Day 5: Vision That Outweighs Adversary

Bible reading: 2 Kings 6:8-18

I watch with utmost disdain many times as my little children find totally surprising uses of various items around the house. Better put, various destructive uses! How on earth do you think this is what that item was made for?!

Please notice that wrong judgment flows from a limitation or lack of vision! When we don’t see things right, then the actions that follow through are totally misplaced.

In our reading today, we come across this huge secret- the big problem anybody will face is not the strength of the adversary or opposition; it is our own wrong judgment which comes from a lack of vision.

If we aren’t seeing well, we take the things that seem to be against us out of perspective and feel totally overwhelmed.

Today, I pray that like Elisha’s servant, we will rediscover our vision in a new way and live in the strength and courage that flows out from it!

Is it possible that the demands on you, as real as they are, are not that much an issue; maybe the big issue is that you are so blind to the supply of grace that is available for you!

I know how a struggle or an addiction can seem like it’s totally impossible situation to be in! But maybe what we need direly is for our eyes to be open to the victory of Jesus that He has won for us!

I can’t think of how many people set up their lives as a battle against the armies that are against them. It feels like a very necessary, legitimate fight. There’s all the narratives of adversaries. There’s the pain, difficulty and pressure of life that feels so heavy and real.

Would you make it a prayer for God to help you rediscover today and constantly the rightness of vision and of judgment and bring you to walk in the audacity, courage and strength that flows out of that!

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