Day 5- The Madness in Nations. 

Day 5- The Madness in Nations. 

Bible Reading: Matthew 24:1-14

We live in a tense and troubled world.

Politics, governance and nation relationships are filled with various levels of aggression and tension.  Maybe for you, it’s not even just about what you see on the screens and in the news- maybe you can relate to it in a very personal way: the politics and rivalry of siblings and family.  All levels of human grouping and interaction are soaked in the weight of these sad realities.

What should be our response as Christians? Should we be leaders of protests and revolutions, or silent victims of wickedness and oppression? Should we labour to get things better or should we just keep our minds and focus on when God will get us out of this corrupted world?

In our reading today, Jesus speaks to His disciples about that kind of time- He talks about living in troubling times of wars and rumours of wars; He talks about national rivalries, disasters and tensions, persecutions and various difficulties that we evidently live with in this day and age.

There are three big ideas that we must hold dearly from Jesus words:

First, Don’t Be Deceived
In the place pf tensions and difficulties, we become very vulnerable to all forms of deception. Because things are so bad, we desperately want something good. It’s when you’re really hungry that you would most likely believe the marketer deceiving you about some bad food.

Take heed that no one deceives you Matthew 24:4 NKJV 

Whether it’s deception in form of false promises or false prophets, we must be well guarded by being steeped in truth. It’s in a time like this that every other thing seems more promising- whether a course of action, or a nation to live, or a line of involvement. It’s in a desperate search for hope that every good sounding thing seems right. We get lured into false promises of peace and hope, false prophets who offer a salvation that is only truly in Jesus. Let’s be reminded today that we must not allow ourselves to be deceived because of the times that we live. The only way to guard against deception is to be steeped in truth in all its simplicity.

Second, Don’t Be Troubled
Furthermore, Jesus encourages us to keep our hearts in a place that is trouble-free. In the madness of the political terrains and with all the tensions and aggressions, it is easy to subtly become troubled in our souls.

See that you are not frightened or troubled Matthew 24:6 AMPC

Our choices and decisions must not come from a place of trouble, but rather trust.  Our involvements and non-involvements must be from a place of trust, not trouble. Jesus offers us peace not just in the life to come, but in this present life.

Keep your head and don’t panic.  Matthew 24:6 MSG

When we focus more on the stormy and tense politics in the world than on the One who holds us, we will inevitably be troubled and frightened. We honestly cannot afford to be more into the news than we are into God’s word. We can’t afford it! We can’t afford to be more into what people are doing than what Jesus has done for us.

That we live in a troubled world is not a justification to live troubled.

Third, Don’t Be Stopped
Finally, Jesus encourages us to keep moving! The terrains and times have a way of discouraging us, leaving us weary and making us back out and slow down. 

But he who endures to the end shall be saved. Matthew 24:13 NKJV

We must be people who diligently press on in faith and in all things. Discouragement and distraction must not hold power over our lives. We must know what it means to stay reliant on God for a strength to go on against the tides of political uncertainties and national tensions. The systems may be bad and discouraging, there may be rumours and realities of negativity, there may be earthquakes and all kinds of disasters, but as Christians we have more in us to keep us going than what’s around us to slow us down. We have the Holy Spirit at work in us, propelling us unto God’s purpose!

When next you see the headlines and all the madness and tensions in the world around and about you, I pray you’ll remember and say to your soul: 

No deception– God is good and He is for me;
No trouble– I trust in Jesus above every storm;
And no stopping– there’s more in me by the Holy Spirit to go on, than what’s around me trying to stop me!’

I pray SurgeNATIONS was a blessing to you!  Let’s do all we can to make this a month of staying strong in God’s word and in the place of prayer. There’s so much help for that at

Be blessed!


  1. Toyin+Adeoye

    That we live in a troubled world is not a justification to be troubled

    In the midst of overwhelming lies, we must stay steeped in the truth in all it’s simplicity

    Thank you Pastor

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