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Day 5: Refocus Your Love

Bible Reading: 1 Corinthians 13:1-8

Have you ever had a movie-script kind of situation that ended with love making a way through for you?

Maybe you were in a very tough conversation with a dear one, and then when you thought it was a hopeless standstill, love came through?  Or maybe you went the extra mile for someone you love and it proved to be a game-changer?  Or maybe it was I the power of generosity…

There are probably a million and one examples we can give of how love made a way, but I believe that love still makes a way for us to walk in, especially as we look forward.

Love is God’s very nature. It is God’s very heart towards people! Walking in love is walking on God’s very lane. Closing our hearts to love is closing our hearts to God.

Love gives us perspective- aren’t we so needing of that in this day and age?! It gives us the God perspective to people and to situations.  Love helps us to see life through God’s very eyes.  Don’t ever make light of the privilege to take a vantage perspective over life and living and make better judgments.

We live in a generation that tries to take away the substance and focus of our love and replace it with some emotional hype. Love is cheapened into a story of feelings and moved out of the lane of commitment. Love is turned into a TV-friendly kind of display, whereas God intends it to be the story of committed hearts and lives behind the scenes.

The very substance of our love walk is God! It is because of the love he has for us, and the love we have for Him, that we can start to find contextual applications of love with the people and situations in our world.

My invitation to you today as we reflect and think over our reading is to refocus your love consciousness. Go over those love qualities one after the other and let the weight of demand on you show you how needing you are of Jesus! Desire the principal of love in a fresh way!

Where there are particular things in your life right now that contradict a love walk, I pray you will allow the Holy Spirit use our meditation today to refocus you in the love direction. To walk in love is to walk on God’s lane. To harden your heart towards love is to shut God out.

And even where there aren’t any clear cut love contradictions, I pray you’ll let the Holy Spirit wake up a hunger in you and show you how much more He can do in and through you as He stretches your heart with God capacity!

May we remember even in a hateful world that love is not a cool thing, it’s a Christian thing! May we be all surrendered for Him to work it in and through us.

I believe that in this second half of the year, our hearts of love will create amazing God opportunities to walk in and God waves to ride on. I believe that genuine God-birthed love will create an atmosphere for us to live in, in which we will thrive in all God’s purpose for us.

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  • Kalu Tee
    Posted July 5, 2020 at 7:35 am

    This is an inspiration for me. I hereby promise that, for starters, I will be more patient, kind and tolerant of my rebellious siblings. And I won’t give up on them. I will forgive them of all wrongs they have meted out to me and give them a clean slate.

    I will try to control my temper. I will try to be polite to my family members – especially to my mum. I will be optimistic and put my trust in God irrespective of my circumstance. So help me God.

    Thank you Pastor, for this wonderful piece.

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