Day 5- Do You Have What It Takes?

Day 5- Do You Have What It Takes?

Bible Reading: John 16:5-15

There aren’t many things that I see leaving people incredibly motivated than when you challenge their competence at anything. For many people, it’s like a very nasty slap, a totally uncalled for slight that they’ll do anything to prove wrong.

Maybe it’s a human tendency, but we hate to feel like we can’t. If we’ll be honest though, there are things that we can’t do. Maybe you look at what’s ahead of you in the second half of this year and you feel the loud reminder of limitation of ability. 

When it comes to our abilities and what we can do, Jesus wants us to believe that we have Who it takes, not what it takes.

In a question of having what it takes, we will always get to the end of ourselves. Life will always set us up in situations that are beyond us. If you surprisingly haven’t realized it yet, having what it takes is a pursuit you’ll never be able to come out tops with every time. Our humanity is intricately laced with limitation woven into our being.

But as we read Jesus words today, I believe He invites us to make the switch from a pursuit of having what it takes to a dependence on having who it takes.

The Holy Spirit is that priceless promise that He gave to us that gives us the ability to face up to the demands of life and living.  We learnt yesterday in Church about how he is The Spirit of Vision, and it is by vision that we’re not going to live enslaved as victims. He is the Spirit of Grace totally given for us! 

I encourage you to rediscover and revel in that amazing advantage today!

You don’t need to go around breaking your neck trying to prove that you have what it takes. At some point, you’ll realize that you don’t!

You can rely. We have who it takes to thrive, and to lift our heads up, and to live with vision, and to overcome every struggle and addiction, and to make wise decisions, and to lead God fearing and honouring lives, and to live with a marked advantage regardless of what’s going on in the world around us. We have who it takes to prosper in the purpose of God for us in the second half of 2021- to be strong and full of faith and courage and audacity!

We have who it takes- the precious Holy Spirit!

Lean In Moment

Click here for a 16 minute Lean in moment of meditation and prayer to help you refocus on the Holy Spirit today.

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Finally, has this MidYear Surge series been a blessing to you? Please let’s know how in the comment section below!


  1. Olusola+Aleru

    This Surge series has been very helpful for my journey. It has opened my mind and encouraged me more to how best to tune my mind in line with God’s will and the deliberateness that comes with thriving. I’m so grateful I have the Holy Spirit to rely on for this next half of the year as I walk in stride with His directions.

    I’m truly Grateful for these past few days. Thank you all who made this possible.

  2. Oluwaseun AMBALI

    Yes! This Mid-year surge has been a huge blessing to me and I’m so grateful. Thank you pastor. More grace.

  3. Niyi

    The Midyear Surge series has been a huge avenue to refocus. My heart has been drawn again to the things THAT REALLY MATTER. Paul’s epistle to the Philippians has been such a huge blessing for me, helping to strengthen my faith in Christ. It is also amazing to know that I have Who it takes.
    Thank you Pastor.

  4. Emmanuel Igboba

    This past few day Surging has been so empowering, much more helping me to become steward consciously of my thought patterns per time. It has been a refreshing moment to just deliberately surrender again and again to WHO it takes to walk this faith journey for the second half of the year and beyond. God bless my pastor and all those who made it possible to experience a move of God in hearts online. God bless his church. Fantastic ☺️

  5. Judith Ebengho

    Surge has been just the right spark that I needed for the rest of this year. By grace I can live intentionally knowing I’ve got who it takes to do so! Thank you sir

  6. Damilola+Oluwadahun

    I’m glad I took out time to engage in this surge series. It’s been a strength renewal for me and a reminder that God is still interested in my life now as He has always been.
    “I have who it takes”

  7. Olawale+Aluko

    Thank you Pastor for this series, I am rightly empowered for the second half of the year as I live conscious of all that God has for me, maintaining a Christ-like attitude and daily seeking how best I can be making maximum profit- Christ. I have Who it takes. Amen.

    Thank you Pastor

  8. Favour+Jonah

    PTM thanks for always being a strong voice. Surging these past few days came in timely. I am currently going through my valley seasons and in the mist of it all, I see hope rising within me. Starting from the first day of surge till this very morning it has been heart lifting and I know the rest of this year will be my best yet and God’s gonna do remarkable things. Thank You Holy spirit for strength Like never before!!!

  9. Seyi Agun

    Indeed, this MidYear Surge series has been a great blessing to me. I have learnt that I can only be right minded if I have the mind of Christ; and that I need to consciously tune my mind aright, taking responsibility for my thoughts and actions not just by struggling, but knowing that I have WHO it takes!
    I’m so assured of a better half of 2021! Thank you Sir!

  10. Beejay

    Grateful for surge!
    I’ve been energized for the best part of the year,
    I haven’t seen God’s best yet!

    Thank you Pastor!

  11. Isaac

    Thank you Pastor T.
    Grateful for Surge!
    It’s been a revealing experience as to knowing more about God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit and how we should live as Christians.

  12. Seun Sunmola

    “Seun, what makes you think you can be all that God wants you to be in this world?”
    Because of the Holy Spirit who is with me!

    Thank you so much sir for this timely reminder!

  13. Ayoyemi Adebayo

    I have who it takes! This surge series literally shot adrenaline into me for what’s ahead. I’m grateful

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