Day 5- A Clarion Call To Audacity

Day 5- A Clarion Call To Audacity

Bible Reading: Acts 16:1-15

If you’re following the news about the build up to the general elections in Nigeria next year, there’s a trend you might have noticed among most politicians- nobody just gets up and decides to run for a political office. There’s seemingly an appropriate plot to follow.

Here’s the typical narrative: you are not interested in the office or or even thinking about it until a group of youths starts to campaign for you and even use their resources to print a few posters with your picture and paste it around. You come out to distance yourself from the posters and say that you haven’t declared any intention for any political office. Then the youths (and sometimes women groups) keep pressuring you, saying that you are the only hope for the country and all that. They make well publicised visits to you where they plead with you to run for office. So because of the pressure, you tell them you will pray about it and ‘make consultations’ far and near. Eventually, on an appointed day, you come out and read a well written speech in which you announce that because of the mounting pressure, you are declaring your interest to run for the political office, to serve the people in response to the ‘clarion call’ of the populace.

It was that sort of ‘clarion call’ that Paul and his companions received in our reading today- well, a real one, not a crafted plot. 

Paul was trying other things, then he actually had a vision where a man of Macedonia was pleading for him to come to Macedonia and save them.  If you were Paul, can you imagine the weight you would live with in every moment from when you see that pleading man? Nothing feels the same. You become burden-driven. Your heart can’t get off what you saw. The obstacles and resistances seem surmountable. A wave of audacity is sparked up in you.

I think that every believer needs to sense that sort of a ‘clarion call’ to a life of audacity. We need to feel the weight of what’s on the other side of our audacity. It’s real people. It’s real impact. It’s possibilities that we are made for.  It’s your children and the life that they were made for. It’s the community and the potential that is undiscovered. It’s the relationships that God has put in your world and the weight of what’s possible. It’s the person that God made you to be and the beautiful life that he designed for you to live.

If you would stand up to a life of audacity everyday there are real cries and longings on the other side of it that you’re answering- some that you may never even know.

The truth though, is that if we don’t heed the call, if we cave in to a life of same-same, go-with-the-flow, getting swamped in the pressure, it’s not just about us- it’s us turning our backs on a real clarion call. Standing up in audacity is not just about some twenty year vision thing, it’s about everyday. It’s every one more morning you want to just hide under the duvet rather than having the conversation you know you should. It’s every one more week that you know you could rise up to serve in that little way, but you keep letting it slip between your fingers. It’s the business push that you know there’s a nudging to make, but you keep post dating. It’s the friend that you know you should invite to church but you keep chatting away with. It’s the little more that you  know you can do in loving your spouse, but you keep thinking you have forever to get to it. It’s every here and now.

Would today be a day of standing up to the clarion call of audacity? Will the rest of this month be about giving yourself to an audacious life or ignoring the possibilities that God has for you.

Something To Pray
Pray for a fresh burden that propels you towards audacity. Pray that you will not slip away from the things that you should be standing up to.


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