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Day 3: Wisdom in The Unseen

Bible Reading: Matthew 7:21 – 29

We live in a world that- understandably- bases all its judgments out of what it sees.

People are judged based on what they have, how they look, and so on. Seasons are judged based on the tangibles that we see in them.

But Jesus, in his counter-culture, trademark wise way is inviting us to reconsider that narrative. He seems to be calling us out of a life where we put all our trust and judgment in the seen, and inviting us to find wisdom in the unseen.

Our reading today demonstrates this in some practical ways:

First, Value Our Direction Over Our Situation

Jesus invites us to rediscover a deep value in the directions our lives are headed, over and above the immediate situations.

What was it like to walk along the road where these two houses were being built, and see the tremendous sky scraper that the foolish man was building? In my estimation, it was probably way more advanced than the structure of the wise man because he didn’t even have to invest time into the digging up of the rock like the wise man.

Situationally, both buildings looked the same. Wisdom in the unseen brings in a question of direction over and above situation.

I believe we must Rediscover and place a very great value on the directions of our lives, of our relationships, of our careers, of our children, and so on.

Are we barely getting by each day and creating big impressions on people around us, without considering and valuing the directions our decisions are leading us? Is this building a crash in the making? Is it just a matter of time before our decisions cannot sustain our growth? Are we living healthy by building right habits and disciplines or are we merely hoping that each new day, we will escape our impending doom? Are you building wisely and healthily in the unseen physically, emotionally, spiritually and professionally?

Second, Value Our Productive Processes Over Our Immediate Comfort

The second thing that Jesus demonstrates in this parable is how behind-the-scene wisdom is willing to take on the immediate inconvenience because it values the productivity of the process. Building on the rock was not as straightforward and simple as it sounds. But a truly wise builder will place enormous value on the processes.

Can we challenge ourselves to rediscover the great value that lies in processes? Hard work is not a consequence of the sin of humanity- God has committed work to Adam prior to the fall. True success is not merely based on here and now conversations.

Are you living your life in the pressure of the immediate to the extent that you’re making poor choices with the directions you’re choosing? Do you need to reconsider and rediscover the great counter- culture wisdom that Jesus is showing us today? Are you lining your life up to be established in the full beautiful plans and purposes of God for your life?

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