Day 20: Renewed Expectation

Day 20: Renewed Expectation

Bible Reading: Isaiah 43:1-21

Have you ever experienced a moment of your blood seeming to get heated up because of an expectation? Or your intestines seemingly twisting in excitement? You just couldn’t sit still! Maybe on the eve of your wedding? Or when you were about to become a parent for the first time? Or maybe the day before you went to University? (More because of escaping your parent’s house than the excitement of learning) Or maybe it’s the expectation you live with at the end of every month before salaries or allowances are paid. One of the most beautiful ones for me is when a lovestruck lady is in expectation of being asked out or proposed to. It’s beautiful and ridiculous, all at the same time.

Expectation doesn’t necessarily change the immediate circumstances that surround us, but it connects us to the assurance of a hope of something more than the here and now.

God doesn’t work in our lives without first creating expectation. It is for a reason that the Bible is full of promises. He wants us to hold these promises and therein hold a deep sense of expectation of what He is going to do! All through the Bible, God announces what He will do ahead of doing it. 

God calls us to live in expectation of His goodness even when life is bad; expectation of His working even when we can’t provide explanations of the science of it; expectation of His love even when we feel unworthy; expectation of Him coming through, even when it requires a miracle.

Be alert, be present. I’m about to do something brand-new.
 It’s bursting out! Don’t you see it?
There it is! I’m making a road through the desert,
  rivers in the badlands.
Isaiah 43:19 MSG

Our present circumstances should never be the big determinant of our expectations. A Christian’s expectations are built on who Jesus is to us.

We don’t focus our attention on what is seen but on what is unseen. For what is seen is temporary, but the unseen realm is eternal 2 Corinthians 4:18 TPT

As we gradually close out Surge RENEWED, what would you say is your expectation looking forward? Is it merely the expectation of the Kingly breakfast you have in mind for Monday morning (and that’s honestly okay!), or is your heart really full of an expectation of a move of God this year? Are you expectant of seeing God work in you and use you more than ever?

As we hit Vision weekend today and tomorrow, do you really have an expectation of God not just speaking to you about His plans and purposes, but really plunging you into it?

Are you like an expectant lover, living each moment on tiptoes, ready for a love-soaked surprise- or are you merely going through ‘the whole christian thing’ flat footed, second-guessing, unsure whether he’s even serious about the relationship?

Your expectation will leak in your attitude. It will leak in your sense of diligence. It will leak in your plans.

If we give in to an expectation soaked in negativity and doubt, or if we allow the world system to ‘slim-fit’ our expectation to the size of its unpredictability, and if we allow all the bitterness and brokenness in the world shape our expectation about our relationships and marriages, then the truth is we will never live the life God intends for us this year.

Your expectation will ultimately be like a compass that is pointing the direction of your journey.  

Here’s my big advise to you: don’t merely build an expectation on things. Build it on a person. Our expectation as Christians is not just about this or that thing happening in a particular way (nothing wrong with that), but in the bigger picture, our expectation is of Jesus! Our expectation is hinged on a Cross moment that is unshakeable- that He is good and He will be good, that He loves us and He will yet love us; that He is for us, and He will never leave us alone. The fuel of our expectation is not something or the other happening, it is someone who is with us!

As we wait on God today, let’s believe for the Holy Spirit to spark the brightness of expectation in our heart.  Let’s believe for a rising of hope against all odds as we keep our focus on Jesus.

In Prayer Today

  1. Pray today for a renewed sense of expectation that is anchored on who Jesus is to you as a Christian
  1. Take some moments to verbalise your expectations as regards what’s ahead: Vision Weekend, the year 2021, the work of your hands, your family, etc. State your confidence about who Jesus is and what that leads you to expect.

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  1. Its Vision Weekend 2021!

I’m really excited about all that the Lord is going to do as we hit Vision weekend today and tomorrow! Our Surge Mega Prayer Night tonight (6:05 – 7:25 pm WAT) is going to be a plunge! Whether you’re joining onsite or online, let’s really be expectant of such a God moment!  


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