Day 2: The Spirit Of God, The Spirit of The New.

Day 2: The Spirit Of God, The Spirit of The New.

Bible Reading: Romans 8:9-30
When I think about my Secondary School days, there are particular teachers that represented certain things. When there was to be a student flogged at assembly, there are particular teachers that will be brought forward; when there was a school event, there’s that particular wannabe MC teacher that grabs the microphone; when there’s to be some cultural competition the school is to participate in, there’s that woman you’d see gather some JSS 1 girls and teach them some songs you last heard with your late great grandmother; when there’s to be a sports contest, there’s the failed-sportsman-now-coach teacher that will be seen organising the enthusiastic kids. 
People have what they represent.
Maybe you can point that out in your family too.  Or at your workplace. 
Or with Pastors. There are some pastors that you can bet the message is always going to end on a reminder of rapture and how we must all strive to make heaven, even if its a Valentine How-To-Win-Your-Spouse love programme. There are others that you can be sure will tell you that you must sow a financial seed to activate the message. You’ll almost think that they would ask for a seed from those who want to give their lives to Jesus.
People have what they represent. 

When the Holy Spirit hovered over the formlessness and hopelessness of the world, I think it was not just about what He did in that moment, I think we get a beautiful introduction to who He is and  His character.

The earth was without form, and void; and darkness was on the face of the deep. And the Spirit of God was hovering over the face of the waters. Then God said, “Let there be light”; and there was light. Genesis 1:2-3 NKJV
The Holy Spirit is the Spirit of the New!
When God is going to do a new thing, the Holy Spirit shows up on site! 
He’s the Spirit that was behind all of creation. He’s also the Spirit of the New Creation. He’s the Spirit of the New Life that we have in Jesus. 
Just like when you would see that your Paternal Uncle in your house and know that there is some extended family matter to be settled, one of the things we know when we see the Holy Spirit is that God is about to do something new! He marks new seasons.
The good news is that for the Christian, we are not looking for Him like He’s lost. He is within us! Therefore, there is constantly a sound of the new rising within us by the Holy Spirit!
Whenever you remember that you have the Holy Spirit, let it remind you that God is up to something new in your life!
The Holy Spirit is the Spirit of the New.
He brings that beautiful fresh smell of something new. He is still the spirit that hovers and broods an atmosphere for the new to be birthed. He drives the hope of something new. He leads us to dream and see a vision of the new. He empowers us for the new. He sustains us in the new.
If you feel really stretched and stressed from the intensity of last year or from all that’s around you, I have great news for you: The Holy Spirit is the Spirit of the new!
I pray that as we wait on God and seek Him today, our hearts will be open to the new that the Holy Spirit is leading us into.
If today, you will take a little more deliberateness towards Him, then you are taking a deliberateness towards a fresh new season of your life. Every inclination to Him, every one more conscious thought of Him, every prayer through Him, every yielding to Him is you laying down something of the old and taking up something of the new.
In Prayer Today 
  1. Ask for a fresh filling of the Holy Spirit, and pray for an openness and tenderness of heart towards Him.
  2. Ask for the courage to let go of the old as the Holy Spirit leads you into the new of God’s plans for your life.


  1. Nathaniel

    It just feel like the value I place on the Holy Spirit is directly proportional to the value I have and get on my spiritual growth…

  2. Olawale Aluko

    As I keep remembering today and this season that I sure have the Holy Spirit, my mind is constantly reminded that God is up to something new in my life! I move.
    Thank you sir

  3. Akin Ini

    “Whenever you remember that you have the Holy Spirit, let it remind you that God is up to something new in your life!”

    I’m open and expectant for all that the Holy Spirit will do.

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