Day 17: Go Further

Day 17: Go Further

Bible Reading: 2 Peter 1

There was this ‘J.J. Arodo’ thing that raved a bit when I was in Secondary School. A senior student would send you to another senior student and ask you to get some textbook written by J.J. Arodo. The new senior would in turn tell you something to the effect that he just gave another senior somewhere some two minutes ago, and ask you to go get it there. And then you’d keep going on and on, sweating and desperately looking for some non-existent J. J. Arodo textbook.

Today, as we begin reading the Second letter of Peter, you would almost feel Peter is doing a ‘J.J. Arodo’ on us as Christians. As far as Peter is concerned, there’s no point you get to that’s the ultimate. We must keep going further! 

He brings us a strong reminder to fight off complacency in our faith journey ad embrace the further pursuits:

  • Just when we were excited about the righteousness we obtain in Jesus, he invites us to a multiplication of grace and peace. (v 1-2)
  • Just when we are excited about all the things that we have received of Him, he invites us to press on as partakers of this divine nature (v 3-4)
  • With all diligence, go further on your faith with virtue, then knowledge, then self control, then perseverance, then godliness, then brotherly kindness, then love (v 5-7)
  • Go further in fruitfulness (v 8-9)
  • Go further on your being called, to making it sure and established (v 10-11)
  • Go further on all the truth you already know, to being reminded constantly (v 12-15)
  • Go further in God’s word, even beyond every experience / encounter that you’ve had with Him (v 16- 21)

I pray you will hear this invitation resonate loudly in your heart that there is more ahead to press into in the things of God.

The great thing is that we are not like the Junior student miserably going further in a vain pursuit, we are children of a loving God, called to a pursuit of a hope that does not disappoint! As we dig deeper, may we remember that the wells actually hold an abundance of waters waiting on us!

In 1492, Columbus set sail into unknown waters to an unknown destination. Prior to this, there was a well-known Latin coinage ‘Non plus ultra’ (meaning “Nothing further beyond”). But upon discovering new lands and new opportunities, he changed what was hitherto ‘Non Plus Ultra’ to ‘Plus ultra’ (meaning “Further beyond”). Today, because of that discovery, on Spain’s Coat of Arms are the Latin words ‘Plus Ultra’.

May we live in a pursuit everyday that is creating new frontiers of faith and possibilities, not just for ourselves, but for an entire generation and generations to come. Let’s be believer’s who sail the waters of everyday holding out a ‘Plus Ultra’ over our lives, our families, our community and our generation!

‘Plus ultra!’

Tolulope Moody

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