Day 14: Renewed Remembrance

Day 14: Renewed Remembrance

Bible Reading: Joshua 4:1-14

My few times in a law court room brought me clearly to some very ugly sides of humanity. One of them is just the extent to which people can lie. I mean, people can lie! Behind the scene conversations go on and then a few minutes later, a key witness shows up in court and when asked a very vital question, simply says ‘I can’t remember’. 


This is totally different from someone suffering post-traumatic amnesia – a loss of memory from the moment of a traumatic brain injury in an accident or so. It’s also different some age-induced amnesia, like it happens to several elderly people. This is someone just deciding- by the power of choice conferred on him- that he doesn’t remember a detail.

How about if we exercised that same power in a life-giving way? Interestingly, that’s what a walk through the Bible will bring us to!

Our lives, and especially the state of our hearts, are going to look like what we call to remembrance. What we call to remembrance is going to imply some other details being out of remembrance. 

If you’re thinking deliberately about your University campus, then automatically in that moment, you’re not thinking about your parents. If you’re thinking deliberately about the president, then automatically in that moment, you’re not thinking about your soccer club.

We read today about God teaching the Israelites to call to remembrance: He gives them an instruction to create a system that brings to remembrance one of the great miracles that they walked through. You would wonder why that is so necessary. I mean, if I literally saw a river open up and I walked across it from one side to the other, I don’t think I’d ever forget that. 

But here’s what God knows: we forget! Can you remember what each of our Surge devotionals so far was on? Ordinarily, you’ll forget no matter how good you felt about it on the particular day. The only way to remember is to have a system by which you call it to remembrance. 

So God tells the Israelites to pick out stones from the Jordan and then set them up as an altar, and especially, a discussion-starter.  The instruction He gives is such that the generations to come are set up to ask about the incident, following which the parents would take their time to re-explain and bring it to remembrance again. God knows that we forget- being human means that we have the tendency to forget!

Our lives, and especially the state of out hearts, are going to look like what we call to remembrance. What we call to remembrance is going to imply some other details being out of remembrance.

A call to remembrance is not about remembering the shade of green that the taxi driver was wearing when you went out last week. It’s not about remembering whose hand you shook last before there was a reported COVID case in Nigeria. A call to remembrance is about squeezing principles out of the story of our journey. Let me help you with a few general ones:   

  1. Remember The Cross. How do you remember all that Jesus has already done for you as a believer? How do you remember His love, His sacrifice, His penalty for your sin, His blood? You see why He even gave us the communion and said ‘every time you do this, remember me’.
  2. Remembering That God is Faithful. What rocks help you to call this to remembrance? The truth is we forget! It can be a song, an incident, a place, a scripture, but I think every Christian must have a way of renewing their remembrance regularly about the faithfulness of God
  3. Remembering That God is Able.  We must never forget this! What rocks have you picked that call this to mind? 
  4. Remembering That God is At Work in You

As you set this year up, I encourage you to create a system in your context that helps you remember.  It can be an activity, it can be a time and a place thing, it can be a conversation, but we must regularly set the things we want our minds to be focused on, so that we will not be ruled by the things we do not want our minds focused on.

You will keep him in perfect peace,
Whose mind is stayed on You,
Because he trusts in You.
Isaiah 26:3 NKJV

I’d love to hear from you in the comments section below some other things that you want to consciously call to remembrance this year.


In Prayer Today

Pray for God to give you the wisdom to embrace the right systems and structures that call the right things to remembrance. Pray that you won’t live under the power of what’s around, but you’ll live in the power of all that God has already done.


PS: I’m super pumped for a great service this morning as we hit Week 4 of our Focus Series 2021! Whether you’re joining in the building or online, I believe God is going to do great things!


  1. Mercy Aluko

    Thank you very much, sir.

    I want to consciously remember that God is for me and never against me and that He will never leave nor forsake me.

  2. Adeyinka J. Oresanya

    I want to always remember that God has NEVER failed me yet! No matter how bleak the situation is, He always make a way, which might not be the way I envisage as a human. I am calling this to remembrance so that my heart and eyes are always open to trust and see His leading through every season of my life.

    Thank you, Pastor, for you labour of love!

  3. Tai

    I want to especially remember God’s faithfulness to me. His faithfulness to keep His word, His faithfulness to answer my prayer and His faithfulness to Shepherd me in the best possible way.

  4. Vivian

    I want to always remember, through the calms and storms of life, that God is bringing me into a good and perfect end.

  5. Titilope

    I wAnt to always remember that God has gone ahead of me for my every plans and he will see me through! Amen!

  6. Toyin Adeoye

    I want to always remember that God answers prayers even when I’ve forgotten about the prayer point. I want to remember He has always been faithful in New seasons, for new decisions, in uncertain times and that I’m never left without hope and comfort

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