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Day 13- Acts 13

Bible Reading : Acts 13

Meditation Focus:  On Assignment for God 

Thoughts For Reflection

  1. (v 1 -3) Do you notice how times of waiting on God bring clarity to His calling and assignment for our lives? What areas in your life can do with some more clarity and precision?
  2. (v 4-12) God backs up His assignment with great authority and power. Is that something you’re deeply conscious of? Does realising that God is committed to what He sends you to do encourage you in any way today?
  3. (v 13-41) What do you learn about the beautiful and effective combination of a sense of calling/assignment with proper preparation (knowledge, study, skill, etc)? Are there major or minor skills or knowledge that you need to be gaining for the sake of some of the things that you sense God wants you to do this year?

In Prayer Today:

For David, after he had served his own generation by the will of God, fell asleep, was buried with his fathers. Acts 13:36 NKJV
Pray today that your entire life will be a story of serving your generation according to God’s will. Pray that by the help of the Holy Spirit, you will use your life and strength well.

And the disciples were continually filled [throughout their hearts and souls] with joy and with the Holy Spirit. Acts 13:56 AMP
In spite of difficult times that we live, would you ask for God to mark you with this testimony- full of joy and the Holy Spirit throughout your heart and soul! Pray that this will be your experience in all seasons through this year.

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