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Day 11: Rightly Positioned

Bible Reading: Titus 3

Hey surging friend,

We’ve crossed the halfway mark of our twenty-one-day journey!  Let’s stay on this and make the second half the better half!

Have you ever been rightly placed at a very right moment? 

Like you were right there, and right on time, when something happened. You were right there when your long-time crush had a bag slip from her hand, and then you offered to help her carry it to her destination and so got a ten minute alone together, (that felt like ten hours)

If you’ve ever been rightly positioned, you’ll know how much of a difference it makes. Arguments and explanations really don’t matter any longer.

Paul rounds off his letter to Titus with very strong words about positioning. Pretty much, the whole chapter is a story of proper positioning:

  • Positioned rightly towards human authority (v 1-2)
  • Positioned rightly towards God (v 3 -7)
  • Positioned rightly towards doing good works (v 8, 12-14)
  • Positioned rightly in the face of distractions (v 9 -11)

In challenging Titus about the right positioning of a Christian towards doing good works, Paul particularly encourages that we ‘learn to maintain good works, to meet urgent needs, that [we will] not be unfruitful’

What does this look like in your context? 

Paul is saying that we shouldn’t merely stumble around generosity or respond when there is a prompt. We should learn beyond that to ‘maintain good works’- dream towards it, plan towards it, budget towards it, and act accordingly. 

How can you position yourself for this in the new year? What commitments can you make that would make it a lot easier for you to respond positively regarding meeting needs? 

This is the pathway to a much more fruitful life that God calls us to!

Let’s believe God that we will be rightly positioned for His very best this year!

Tolulope Moody

Pray for a generous outpouring of the Holy Spirit upon you.


he saved us not by works of righteousness that we have done but on the basis of his mercy, through the washing of the new birth and the renewing of the Holy Spirit, whom he poured out on us in full measure through Jesus Christ our Savior. Titus 3:5‭-‬6 NET

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