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Day 1: Refocus Your Wonder

Bible Reading: Exodus 3:1-15

Have you ever visited some astonishing scene in nature? Maybe some waterfall that you kept staring at, trying to figure out. Or maybe one of the wonders of the ancient world. There you stood with your mouth wide open, leaking out tonnes upon tonnes of awe!

But I guess some days later- or maybe hours or minutes later- it had already become a distant thought. Your mouth is now well closed, or maybe just busy muttering about how sad life is.

In the moments, we can feel so awe-filled, but before we know it, we seem to forget all the awe and fling back into ‘default uninspired mode’

But today, at this significant time of the year, I want to invite us to rediscover our wonder!

In our reading today, God brings Moses to a bush that was burning without being consumed. That’s some! I could sit down all day staring at that!

I think Moses has a choice. Either to follow through on God’s invitation to a life of wonder and to see it all through that lens. I think God is showing Moses how awefilled life can be- God finding you out in the wilderness! bushes burning without being consumed! God speaking to you out of a bush!

That’s a lot of awe inspiring things to just keep soaking in!

On the other hand, Moses can hear the moment through the lens of negativity and pressure- my life is being interrupted, the fear of going back to Egypt, who even knows where this strange fire is from, etc.

It’s honestly so easy (and maybe in a sense, human) to focus the spotlight on the hundred reasons to be worried, or on the anxieties, or on the pressures.

But I invite you today to take the deliberate effort to turn the spotlight to your sense of wonder!

When last did you consider it an awesome thing to be a child of God? When last did you think of your spouse as an amazing gift from God? When last did you think about having children as a privilege and not just a bunch of nuisances? When last did you get wowed about the privilege of being loved and accepted? Or about your job? Or that you get to study? Or even about life itself! About the millions of bits- cells, tissues and muscles working in some intriguing, mind blowing way to keep your body systems going? We could go on and on…

Do you need to rediscover your wonder?

God wants us to live with wonder! Wonder will fuel gratitude. Wonder will place a fresh value on your sense of stewardship. Wonder will make you value moments and value life. Wonder will fuel fruitfulness and will propel a pursuit!

I wonder whether you’ve drifted away from your sense of wonder.

I pray that at this strategic time of the year you’ll be refocusing on it. The truth is that God has more than enough within you and around you to fill you with wonder for a lifetime and several generations to come!

I saw a quote the other day credited o Albert Einstein: ‘there are two ways to live: one as though everything is a miracle; second as though nothing is a miracle’

I want to live everyday as though every single thing in my life is a miracle! I want that sense of awe and gratitude for everything!

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