Bible Reading: 1 Thessalonians 1 

Have you ever seen the traffic sign “KEEP RIGHT”? 

At certain times it leaves me with a bigger question than an actual traffic instruction, because I’m thinking, “what do I do when I’m supposed to be taking a left bend and the road sign keeps telling me to keep right?”. 

In our reading today, Paul speaks on behalf of himself and his guys about the believers of Thessalonica. He says that the Thessalonians lives were examples to other believers and that these believers embraced and followed that pattern. 

I strongly believe this is the model life of a Christian- living as an example. 

One of the strongest statements that has stuck with me is that ‘the road to successful Christian living is always under construction’. 

And in this thing of being an example, the Holy Spirit can really be strengthening conviction in our hearts, such that we are living our lives on the front foot of being examples to the people of our world.

Our life and living can be so audacious in empowering others and passing on the right ideals such that even when we say so little, our lives will be all of the message that the people around us will need to hear!   We can be so strong in resounding and resonating the voice and life of Jesus, expressed in a Christian. This was Paul’s testimony of the believers in Thessalonica. 

As we incline our hearts to God’s Word through this surge season, I believe we can start raising the conversations in our world from mediocre living to living as standards for people to calibrate by; we can begin to turn men from various idols of the heart in our world today and point them in a direction of life in Jesus. 

So you remember the traffic thing we were trying to figure out? This is the best explanation I have found- probably the world’s shortest sermon is preached by that traffic sign: “Keep Right”. 

I invite you today to keep right- hold the right values, grow the right atmosphere of study and prayer, keep the right attitude to life, take that next right step, be the right example to live by. 

Do right! Live right!! And yes, that includes staying through these next eight days of surge and really leaning in your heart to what it means to be an example with your life. That’s one good way to be keeping right. 

Something to pray about:
Pray for strength, grace and deliberate yieldedness to the workings of the Holy Spirit, such that your life will be seen and spoken of as a Christian that is an example that people can model after and live by your example. May our lives be a true message of what it means to be a Christian.

Adebayo Ajayi
Adebayo leads the Corp Member’s Connect at Sycamore Church

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