Day 1- Check your Perspective

Day 1- Check your Perspective

Bible Reading : 1 Peter 1

Happy new month and welcome to our five day study on the book of 1 Peter!

Have you ever had a wrong perspective- thought wrongly of something or a situation or person because of where you were looking from?  Our perspective totally alters and affects our judgment.  

Poor perspective will make you only see the lion and not see the cage it’s in- so you end up fleeing in fear. Poor perspective will show you a good meal on TV and because you believe it’s real life, you foolishly think your lunch is settled. Perspective can make you think that a friend is a foe, and that a foe is a friend.

Poor perspective will definitely mess up your life and lead you to make poor choices. Right perspective will surely empower your life and your living experience. 

Living on this side of eternity in the world that we do, all of us will definitely be confronted by perspective questions.

Perspective takes the question beyond what we see to how we see what we see. It might be true that I see a lion, but that in itself does not mean that I should see it as a threat. It might be true that I see a meal, but that in itself does not mean that my hunger is settled.

Our reading today raises big perspective questions for us as Christians. There are realities that we see on this side of eternity, but do we live by them?

In this you greatly rejoice, though now for a little while, if need be, you have been grieved by various trials… 1 Peter 1:6 NKJV

What do you do with every ‘though now’ that you face? How do these guys ‘rejoice greatly’ even though they are ‘grieved’ by various trials? Simple answer- Perspective! 

Christian perspective is embracing the bigger realities, and not merely living by the ‘though now’. 

On this side of eternity, every Christian is going to deal with a ‘though now’ at some level or the other.  There’s going to be something or the other that doesn’t yet align with the full picture of what we believe. There’s going to be trials and temptations that we face. There’s going to be seasons that we walk through. There’s going to be some unanswered question or the other that we deal with. 

But none of these take away the full weight of who Jesus already is to us! 

Perspective should tell us that though now we see a lion, it does not mean that we are threatened in any way.

Today, I invite you to check your perspective. Are you still living by the weight of who Jesus is to you, or by the pressure of the temporary nows? 

Does your gratitude and praise look like who Jesus is to you, or the temporary nows that you face? Does your expectation over the things that you do look like the promise or the pressure?

If that verse were to be written about you, how would it read: though now, or because now?

You greatly rejoice… though now you have been grieved with various trials…
You no longer rejoice, because now you have been grieved with various trials…

You no longer rejoice. You no longer love. You are no longer generous. You no longer care. You no longer hope.

Are you a though now, or a because now christian?

Is there any area that you need God to help you hold the right Christian perspective today?  I’ll love to pray for you!


  1. Precious Isola

    I want to hold the right perspective in my joy.
    I want to constantly live in the realities of the Joy of my salvation through varying seasons.

  2. Oluwaseyi Agun

    Thank you Sir!
    That I may be a “Though now” and not “because now” no matter the situation/circumstance. God help me!

  3. Laolu

    Thank you sir!
    I want to always veer back to rejoicing and thanksgiving no matter the season I walk through, that I may be a ‘though now’, not a ‘because now’ Christian.

  4. Seun Sunmola

    Because of Jesus, I don’t have to live under pressure but in His promise. I choose to see things from an eternal perspective. Thank you very much, sir!

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