Do You Have What It Takes to Win?

Happy Fathers’ Day in arrears to men everywhere! We had an incredible time yesterday honouring the men of our church at our Fathers’ Day Services. It was a great moment to reflect, be inspired and receive a fresh spark of courage and audacity in the face of the very real battles that we all must face up to, even when we feel inadequate. When I think about it, there aren’t many things that I see leaving people incredibly motivated than…

My Rest

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Day 7: The Refocus Cheat Code

Bible Reading: Matthew 14: 22-33 As we round off on Surge Refocus today, I want to share a cheat code with you! Have you ever used a cheat code? Isn’t it interesting what a cheat code can do for you? It’s amazing how a cheat code can make a game or task so much easier, and propel you way beyond the literal walk through that everyone else is entangled in and struggling with. I’m thinking around a whole lot of…

Day 5- Do You Have What It Takes?

Bible Reading: John 16:5-15 There aren’t many things that I see leaving people incredibly motivated than when you challenge their competence at anything. For many people, it’s like a very nasty slap, a totally uncalled for slight that they’ll do anything to prove wrong. Maybe it’s a human tendency, but we hate to feel like we can’t. If we’ll be honest though, there are things that we can’t do. Maybe you look at what’s ahead of you in the second…