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Looking for Love? 5 Messages to Help You Get Love Right

Do you ever just sit down and have random thoughts running through your mind?

If you’re anything like me, you’ve had a million questions about love, and somehow, you’ll get answers.

But you don’t just want answers, you want THE RIGHT ANSWER.

Sometimes the right answer is not necessarily new information, sometimes, it’s a reminder.

And it comes through the right voices speaking God’s words to us. It could be through our loved ones, our Christian community, or even different online resources.

If we take a poll, we’ll find out that many of our questions are about LOVE, specifically, romantic love.

It’s a serious matter.

That’s why today, I’ll share 5 resources that’ll answer some of our burning questions (pun intended).

These resources will remind us about God’s idea of a romantic story, and they’ll encourage us on those days when it seems this love thing is not just working.

  • How to stay holy when you’re horny

Want to recalibrate your purity compass? It can’t get more practical than this. Be warned, PTM (Pastor Tolulope Moody) shattered many tables, so brace yourself and be ready to learn simple but practical steps to uphold Godly standards even when it is hard.

Watch the sermon here

  • Love is a beautiful thing

Sometimes we need a reminder that love is not just a good thing, but a God thing and this message is that reminder. You’ll also be reminded of true love’s beauty and transformative power.

Listen to ‘Love is a Beautiful Thing

  • Love is a burning thing

When love seems to be cold, this will remind you of how to always stay warm in God’s burning love. And if you’re trying to heal from a cold breakfast in the past, step into God’s warmth with this sermon.

Watch ‘Love is Red’ here

  • Marry the Girl 

In this straight-to-the-heart message, we learn that there are no middle lines when it comes to loving Jesus. The anchor bible verse, John 21, verses 15-17, nudges us to make sure that our Christianity is one of absolute love and dependence on God. Who better to trust with our lives than the creator of the universe?

Watch the sermon here

  • Marriage is a beautiful thing 

These days, it seems like everything is up for debate, even the definition of marriage. That’s why we need teachings like this one to remind us of God’s original design of Marriage – So that we can do marriage God’s way and enjoy it to the fullest!

Watch this sermon here

Looking for more “love-based” resources? Plug into the love series going on in Sycamore Church this month. Join us this Sunday online or on-site!

Toluwalase Soneye
Lase volunteers with the Content Team at Sycamore Church

(Blogposts are creative expressions generously provided for Sycamore Church. The ideas and thoughts do not necessarily represent the position of Sycamore Church)

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